In defense of Leonardo, despite the glory

Who wouldn’t agree that perhaps the most relaxed man in the United States at the moment is Leonardo Di Caprio? Yeah, there will be some who would reaffirm to the notion that Leo, despite bagging the Oscar isn’t satisfied! He is a hungry actor after all. The gratification for actors (don’t read stars) at holding the most coveted prize in the movie galaxy is after all a zillion times more than the kick felt at polishing off one’s favorite hot dog! Isn’t it?

Leonardo Dicaprio

But, who knows? And truth be told, who cares?

Here is an authentic guy, almost unhurried by the rush his fellow stars feel in the Hollywood wind. Here is a man who seems undisturbed by the myopic view spectators hold over those slimy, anti- Leo selfie gif’s, that have done nothing more than turning on the heat at an actor who, before the Revenant, hadn’t bagged the Academy Award.


Hollywood’s “Revenant”, who has sashayed a streak of endlessly moving characters is at best, unflustered and yet, focused. Then, one has got to ask the question that did winning an Oscar matter all that much for a man who’s had more Oscar nominations than  Ben Kingsley has hair on his scalp?

That said, did Leonardo feel jitters in his world with the floor under his bed shaking at having yet again failed to win the ‘golden lady’ despite last year’s brilliance with The Wolf Of Wall Street?

You’ve got ask yourself a question here. Where is all the hype and hoopla surrounding Leonardo now, now that he has actually done what many held-unthinkable: winning an Oscar? There’s no denying the fact there are more critics out there who have made their lives in decorating the vibrant actor with critical citations that taste like an overcooked baloney sandwich, than ever affording to eat one in restaurants and hotels Leo frequents with his kind of people.


So in total absence of the over-enthusiastic celebrations that Leo’s fans would have expected when, a week back the light eyed Californian finally won that elusive Oscar, it is time to raise a toast to an actor who has been doing pretty much what others in his league often screw up doing: acting.

Here are the 5 undeniable qualities that make Leonardo Di Caprio the real toast of Hollywood Cinema

 He’s the real piece of art since Da Vinci

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Leonardo’s closest ally albeit from a different age and time is off course, the master illustrator, inventor, thinker, artist and whatnot, Da Vinci. A man who gave shining light to Italian Renaissance has left behind a legacy that measures in few gazillion plus dollars, no, sorry, Euros, since those priceless artworks are in Europe.

So would Da Vinci be wondering, glazing down from heaven about who this other Leonardo is? Or what on earth did he not do that Di Caprio got right in commanding those legions of fans from around the world?

While you can read better scripts on time travel, there’s a strange cynical pleasure one derives in comparing and contrasting legends, from a different time and age if they hail from similar fields.

With a rich array of ‘unputdownable’ performances, Leonardo has proved two things. One, that form(read blooper movies) is temporary but, class is permanent. He’s also shown that, in some actors rests the sustenance of that class. His commanding work in the adorable “What’s eating Gilbert Grape”, “Shutter Island”, ” The Aviator” and, “Titanic” and many more speak of a man who is every bit an artist as he is a grand star of the Hollywood galaxy

A confluence of looks and talent

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There are few actors who appear so good looking on the screen as their acting. Leonardo is in a checkered list that perhaps best fits the most illustrious names in this regard from Hollywood that boasts of Brad Pitt(7 years in Tibet, Fight Club, 12 Monkeys and the list runs deep guys), Christian Bale( often a freakshow who’s muscle and bundle of nerves, where both act, truth be told), Javier Bardem (who would have thought that he would be in a Bond Movie), Jude Law (The Holiday, Alfie, Enemy at the Gates), Keanu Reeves( , Tom Cruise (yeah he can act, ask Meryl Streep and Di Niro) and Bradley Cooper (who hasn’t seen the American Sniper yet).

Some just marvel at his acting and some feel his young, un-aging appearance keeps getting better, film after film.

He has come a really long way


We are living in an age where success is often defined by the thickness of the wallet, or at best, by the density of your bank account, Swiss or Russian, it doesn’t matter. But, in an age where commerce often defies laws of gravity, peaking to swanky heights and often, nosedives for no particular reason (read market unpredictability) Leonardo has etched a different meaning to success.

He’s a millionaire. No? Ok, maybe he’s the size of 10 millionaires into 1. He’s got houses in places you and I have just read reviews of online. He’s dated girls and drank whiskey under chandeliers that glitter in pure gold. And in so doing, hasn’t compromised on his craft. Not one bit.

From starting out as a carefree and fun loving adorable youngster, ages back in the 90s “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” to romancing Cate Blanchet in “Shakespeare in Love” to echoing the mysterious and cranky resilience of J.Edgar Hoover, Leonardo has kept audiences’ love for seeing the magnificent take eclectic forms of acting. And, one hopes, may that always be the case

He is a ladies’ man


Hey Leo, wassup with Gisele? And where’s Kelly Rohrback? Hey, did you say hello to those lovely, charming 20 something’s hopping from a bar to bar, from West Hollywood to Malibu’s glittering parties?

Leonardo is a smooth operator. Ever a ladies’ man, Leonardo has been the charmer and the man to date in the movie world where success courts controversies at the after parties and the casual hook-ups one has got accustomed to seeing at the ballroom dance performances and those opera events that dazzle our stars and their locker room fantasies.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JANUARY 11: Actor Leonardo Dicaprio (L) and actress Kate Winslet arrive at the 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 11, 2009 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Leonardo Dicaprio;Kate Winslet

Girls love him, his fans can’t have enough of him and some of the leading ladies such as Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz and Cate Blanchet have all gushed over him in person. What can we say, Leo’s got the hearts all thanks to those aces he hides under his sleeve.

He’s still going strong

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In the glitter of Hollywood, there are few men who are pure gold. Clint has entertained the cowboy among us in myriad ways that highlight what it means to be ‘epic cool’. The likes of Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, Ralph Fiennes and Kevin Spacey are all engaged in doing their bit to up the ante every now and again and must it be said that theirs is the jewel shining bright in Hollywood’s crown.

But, in Leonardo, one can expect redemption and ecstasy unfurled in an inimitable form.

The man behind such divergent hits such as The Beach (well, there was a certain Tilda Swinton in it as well), Revolutionary Road (remember that angst in Leo’s eyes), Catch Me if You Can ( frankly speaking, Frank Abagnale Jr. nailed it, didn’t he?) and The Great Gatsby( Fitzgerald would be happy) and many timeless wonders sits today amidst a script where he can “unchain” the Django from waiting to exhale from the Director’s chair.

With an appetite that grows with each film that rolls out on the weekend box office, there’s our man Leonardo, unassuming and free from the catch of lust for money or fame, eager as ever to sculpt the many marvels that wish to make love to his name.

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