What Makes The Lemon Tree Group Of Hotels So Special

The Lemon Tree Hotel Company (LTH) is India’s fastest growing chain of upscale, midscale and economy hotels. This award winning Indian hotel chain was founded in September 2002 and currently owns and operates 40 hotels in 23 cities with 4100 rooms and over 4000 employees. Everything about the brand as well as their properties oozes freshness, in every which way. Be it their vibrant decor, invigorating signature lemony fragrance that you’ll find across all hotels, to their rather ‘refreshingly unique’ goal of mainstreaming ‘Opportunity Deprived Indians’ into the workforce; here are some reasons that make the Lemon Tree Group of Hotels refreshingly different.

Lemon Tree

A Home Away From Home

One fresh and quintessential element of all Lemon Tree Hotels is that they exude a very distinctive  aura. Offering a equitable synergy of impeccable hospitality and ‘close to home’ comfort, they bring to life the definition ‘home away from home’. A warm welcoming vibe pervades throughout. Their extremely cordial and friendly staff is relaxed yet attentive. Often, they go beyond their call of duty to make the guests’ stay comfortable. All this is done with a human touch, yet in the most unobtrusive manner possible. The hotel takes care of all your little creature comforts, but it’s the little subtle touches which make all the difference. With their plush interiors, modern amenities and delectable dining, they spoil you rotten, yet with peculiar offerings like the ‘ghar ka khana’ option, they don’t let you miss home. Hotel with a heart, we’d say!

Lemon tree

A Place For Everyone, Every Pocket!

While brand Lemon Tree is considered pretty much the pioneer in the mid market hospitality, a lesser known fact is that the group under its very umbrella offers hotel solutions to meet virtually  all budgetary needs. There’s Lemon Tree Premier for the upscale segment, Lemon Tree Hotels for the midscale segment and Red Fox Hotels for the economy segment. They retain the essence, energy, quirkiness and efficient service standards that Lemon Tree is known for across all brands. ‘Value for money’ remains the USP.

Lemon Tree

We Love Our Planet

Lemon Tree  prides itself in certain environment friendly policies. Current efforts include energy efficiency and conservation; water efficiency and conservation; use of CNG instead of LPG; use of green building material; planting of trees and shrubs on hotel premises; building hotels in accordance with Universal Design concepts focus on building hotels as per L.E.E.D. (Leadership in Energy and Design ) Gold standards  and offering greater access for differently abled people
In the medium term to long term, they will focus on wind power; agro power i.e. burn agricultural waste; recycled water for AC cooling tower (target replacement of fresh water by 15-20%); heat pump for energy conservation; solar photo voltaic (PV) system for lighting; extensive use of LED light fittings (post cost reduction); geo thermal energy.

Lemon Tree


Mainstreaming ‘Opportunity Deprived Indians’

The brand’s ethos is that Persons with Disabilities must be provided the same opportunities as others to realize their full potential. By creating an environment in the organization that allows them to deliver their best, LTH is able to play a part, however small, in social inclusiveness and nation building. In line with this, Lemon Tree has developed a structured process to induct people with disabilities and those with an economic/social disadvantage into its entire hotels pan India. They work across different areas of the hotels e.g. Housekeeping, Kitchen Stewarding and Food & Beverage Service. The goal is to grow this percentage substantially over the next 10 years and make ODIs a central part of their company. Currently 13% of the Lemon Tree group employees are Employees with Disabilities (EWDs) who are either hearing-and-speech impaired, orthopedically handicapped or have Down Syndrome; and ~7.5% are from the Economically/ Socially (EcoSoc) weak segment.

Lemon Tree

A huge thumbs up from us. We know this hotel chain with a heart will continue to spread its refreshing fragrance into many lives.


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