Laugh Out Loud: The importance of smiling

The relationship between a smile and seriousness is always inversely proportionate. The more serious you are in life, the less lighter you feel. In this case, the more you laugh or smile, the lesser troubles you feel around you. It’s all simple math, no complications. But, it would really begin to make us feel rugged and hurled with absurd troubles if we actually come to realize that in real life, hardly do we take the path to this simple economics of life.

smileWe are living in an age where there are tons of complications. And, it’s not easy to find out why so! Apart from our greed that is slowly making us humans as zombies that feed on self-vested interests and to satisfy the wants of their crazy egos, to make things further away from peace, our world is besieged by the presence of argumentative partners, irrational bosses, wicked step-mothers, pestering parents who want us to produce, unloving kids who can’t spell gratitude. At times, our girlfriends almost compel us to sell off under undergarments so that we can buy them pearls.

Being coolishly fool or foolishly coolimportance of smiling

Yet, to make things more bizarre, there is this special need to appear and look “cool”, a four letter word that sounds as familiar as “shag”. In the conquest of that which is cool, we have all the time, freedom and zeal in the world to cultivate attributes, both emotional, physiological and physical to stand out from the crowd. Yes, off course, there is the belly button from your beer belly that you can get pierced.

Never mind how horrendous that looks, even to the grandma inside the elevator whose puffing is an excuse for not directly throwing up on your face. A dragon tattoo on the back of a hairy back, that seems as if a fish from underneath the Antarctic ocean got stuck on a polar bear’s back, may also constitute someone’s idea of looking cool. Some go for making their hair purple. Some drink away, and then puke away the entire night, in their attempt to look “awe-inspiringly” cool, whilst they may not think for a second, that they have successfully become the worst versions of ourselves. In the rut of the run of the mill Monday to Friday existence, the only thing we haven’t yet done in a bid to seem funny and act subtly cool is to find an egg laid underneath the seat of that hot “chick” who sits diagonally opposite to our desk.

How our films represent cool?


Even our ideas of presenting the rich, the styled, the cool ones on television and on films bare a stag of absolute redundancy. Why is it that the boss who gets to lay the hot sexy secretary is always bald and at least of her grandpa’s age. What do Bollywood dance numbers actually convey? Apart from Hrithik’s rubber doll gyrations, just why on earth we have the likes of Anil Kapoor and Sunny Deol and the intellectually stimulating “straight out of a well rehearsed book on perfection” Aamir Khan dance on the screen?

On a completely different note, why do our actors and actresses ask for “cheque” in a restaurant or that saucy five star ultra- luxury, super deluxe, free Thai massage giving, pink shaded grand bazooka Hotels??

Just why, is Rekha aunty an emblem of cool in an age where we could have rather had Hema “Dhanno’s Basanti” Malini utter Garam Dharam Paaji’s dialogues in her soft, mellow, husky, rosy lipped South Indian accent.

Ouch its South

451511One has to reserve a moment of thought for our glam queens in southern cinema. If you navigate from the bitter cold callousness of North of India, after tolerating bare naked scripts which our conservative television actresses drape around with “Maryada” (dignity), Dharm( righteousness) and Sanskaar( principles and ethics), things aren’t too bright in South Cinema. Off course, by writing this, I don’t mean to offend the Bahubali fan’s who ogled more at the film’s box office reception that its sublime cast of actors which included a certain Anushka Shetty.

If you actually see, almost every South Indian film has at least a really conservative and yet radical age gap between the hero and heroines. The sheer sight of Mahesh Babu and others his age who go unnoticed in front of the Dada ji’s (grandfathers) and their kinds such as the not so good-looking Junior NTR, Ajith and Rajnikanth who make love and bouts of it to girls they would be better off singing nursery rhymes to, is a painful visual spectacle. Even the so called emotive expressions of women when caressed by South actors nearly borders the excruciating pain they feel as if someone nearly twisted their ankle instead of making a mushy move.

So, all that is going around in the name of humor is not at all humor but still proves to be funny if you wish to see life and its vibrant characters such as Radhe Maa, a certain Ram Rahim Gurmeet Singh Ji Insaan (there you have found a country that is larger than the size of West Indies) and the ever harmless and totally enigmatic Nirmal baba from a non-discerning eye.

India: a pious land of laughter

Away from the strands of the multi-repetitive multiplied by infinity number of expressions of the slow motion camera grab of an angry mother in law and upset husband’s face is the world of politics. India promises just so little and delivers so much, so awfully much in terms of laughter that it no longer appears comprehensible to all of us.

Trust us on this one here. If you are having a real bad day, maligned by the complacency of the white socks that somehow appear mauve or pinkish in its appearance, or at the discovery of tea in your water instead of the other way round, there are simple everyday sights all around us that can make us a little light if not a la “Amrish Puri laughter” loud. Check out those male face dominated political campaign posters for instance. Or the placement of a traffic light, right directly behind a huge electricity pole, as if asking commuters to guess which signal to move or stop at, this is if any of us follow rules.

At the airport

importance of smilingAnd right at that ever so important moment when your boss is about to deliver the final piece of motivating advice to lift your spirits, yes, I am speaking of the line where he finishes with “F**K You and do your job”, out of nowhere does a cow or buffalo appear outside your Tata Indigo’s window. This lovable animal is made loathsome by the number of times people actually shout in Hindi and some English speaking peppy denim wearing women who yell ” get out of my bloody way”. The buffalo on most occasions does. But it is not before she or he would have used cuss words at your paternal grandfather in the mind.

At times, when you hurriedly enter the domestic gates of the airport to catch a domestic flight which seems to be caught up in this trendy “oh I am so international a carrier avatar”, you directly bump into a heavily mustached security uncle. He is the one harmless and ever so courteous mammal dressed in khaki’s whose otherwise angry man (I will sodomize you) look becomes the mushy puppy look when at the advent of seeing your highly avoidable passport size photo stuck on the school ID card appears to him to be an official license or document that allows you to get inside the domestic airport. Now remember, this man is a life savior. He just allowed me, a software techie from an IT firm in Hyderabad whose on his way to join ISIS or any other respected terrorist organization and one who came to India to click a selfie at Bhakra Nangal Damn posing as a research student in.


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