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10 Tackels
10 Tackels
10 Tackels
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DATE - 20th Jan, 2019

Somebody said once – It's better late than never. So, gear up, put your shoes on & run with us. 10Tackles is the ultimate destination for all fitness enthusiasts. For the very first time in Kolkata, 212 Degrees presents 10 Tackles- a pure adrenaline rush of obstacle challenges, music, food, and party. The unique format comprises of running across a terrain interspersed with military-style obstacles. 


For Registrations :


GKW Limited , 97 Andul Road, Kolkata


1) The obstacle marathon tests participants both mental and physical level and pushes their body to a different level. Hence you get a chance to challenge your own self.  


2) Apart from taking part in this fitness endurance event, you can also hang out and party at the Expo post your race. The Food kiosks, Zumba sessions will keep one upbeat & the party going. A DJ on a concert size stage will be playing the latest hits to keep the ambience alive.


3) Experience a one of it's kind HAUNTING, RUSTIC and ADVENTUROUS mood; something which is definitely new into the city of joy.  


4) You get a chance to experience the military life when you take part in the Military-Style Obstacles.


5) 10 obstacles, carefully ideated and executed to test your physical and mental powers in front of Kolkata, this will take you through an emotional roller coaster. A straight-forward concept, be quick and efficient, and win 15,000 Cash and all the bragging rights!

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GKW Limited , 97 Andul Road, Kolkata


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The Event has three categories :  

1. Team Event – Competition (3 participants per team).  

2. Individual event - Competition  

3. Happy Hours JUNIOR (Individual Event for KIDS) - (age group between 8-13 years) who wish to experience the thrill of 10Tackles & the adventure.



15000 for a Group of 3

3000 for an Individual

This is not a competition, hence same course, same obstacles, but no timing

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