Keep in touch by Smriti Jaitha South/ East/ West Indian

West Kolkata (Hoogly | Bali | Howrah | Konnagar | Hinmatnagar)
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" Keep in touch " by Smriti Jaitha and its a home catering brand dealing in Gujarati snacks.  We see people in Kolkata have a taste for Gujarati cuisine but not too many places to relish them in Kolkata. The Gujarati snacks which we do have a twist such as multiple flavours of Khakras like , Maggi , khakra , mexican khakra , dahi bajri khakra , jowar khakra , moong khakra , masala khakra , diet khakra , upvas khakra etc more than 15 flavours . To add to it we also serve thin white dhoklas , daal dhokli , khandvi , theplas all to match your palet perfectly.


3 Mayfair Road, Kolkata

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3 Mayfair Road, Kolkata


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