Muslim Women In Kolkata Step Out & Do Yoga in Burkha!

Yoga has originated from Hindu scriptures and has become widely known for its health benefits. It is good to know that some of the muslim women in Kolkata  have realised the health benefits of yoga and are attempting the yoga asanas for their good every morning. It is commendable that the women perform the asanas for while respecting their rigid custom of wearing burqas. Muslim women gather in Park Circus area every morning to do Yoga in Burkha!

Yoga in Burkha

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Trikonasana, Ardh chakra asana, Vajraasana and more are the different kinds of asanas being attempted by the women.  As a matter a fact worshipping the sun includes many postures that add on to the benefits scientifically.We normally call it the ‘surya namaskar’ . even though the muslims do not believe in any kind of idol worship or even the sun as a God, some of them do agree that Surya Namaskar and Om chanting can improve health but they refrain from these activities.

They do not have a problem with its origin from the Hindu scriptures and are also cool about the other asanas and the breathing techniques included. They sportingly perform the specific breath control exercises.

Yoga in Burkha

Image courtesy: DNA India

Many women hail from financially weaker backgrounds and cannot afford going to gyms or are caught up with daily household chores. These women have a trainer too who trains them free of cost. Abdul Hamid is one of the instructors. He trains around 70-80 woman and feels that the government must  take care of these grounds so that more people can be  a part of the health activities. They have been requesting the government authorities to take up steps for ground cleanliness so that more people can reap the benefits.

There are people who visit the ground looking for health and fitness and cannot afford to enrol into gym or even buy mats for themselves, these people benefit here. The teacher confesses that except for chanting of Om, they teach all kinds of yoga.

 It is a great act to stick to the traditional values and yet stepping out of the comfort zones in order to fetch good health.




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