Top Ayurvedic Centers to heal you in Kolkata

The globe is going back to its roots and we are going Herbal in all possible ways. From organic food to herbal cosmetics, every aspect of our lives is being influenced by Ayurveda. Almost all kinds of ailment and disorder now finds cure in the 5000-old medicine system of Ayurveda. Ayurvedic Centers in Kolkata ensures care and cure for Lifestyle diseases through Ayurvedic Medicines and Wellness Therapies.

Whatsup lists downs top Ayurvedic Centers in Kolkata:-


-One of the most Curative Ayurvedic Centers

Naturoveda Health is one of the most renowned Ayurvedic Centers in Kolkata. It provides combination of Ayurvedic Fundamentals and Therapeutic Yoga. Pioneer in natural therapies, it prescribes scientific and patient-compatible therapies without harmful side-effects. It offers remedies for diseases like Joint disorders, Skin Problems, Diabetes and chronic ailments under highly qualified Ayurvedic Doctors. Naturoveda Health received prestigious Hakim Ajmal Khan Global Award for the Best Ayurvedic Clinic.

Where: 116, Chittaranjan Avenue, Near Naturoveda Bhawan, Kolkata

Call: 1800 258 6666

Sanjeeva Ayurveda Wellness Spa

Sanjeeva Ayurveda Wellness Spa at Vedic Village rivals country’s finest Ayurvedic Centers in luxury and holistic destinations. It designs medically proven, safe and efficacious therapies in tune with Nature to garner Mental and Physical Rejuvenation. The treatment menu has mix of Ayurveda Day Therapies and Residential Medical Packages. Sanjeeva conducts Individual and Corporate Sessions of Therapeutic Yoga.

Where: Shikharpur, Rajarhat, Kolkata

Call: 033-66229900

Ayusya Clinic


Ayusya Clinic was started by group of Ayurvedic Doctors with the view of providing quality Ayurvedic treatment. It analyses each patient based on individual constitution. It provides each patient with careful study of diet, exercise, yoga, herbal therapy and medication. At times, spiritual practices are included in the prescription as well. Ayusya Clinic treats major lifestyle diseases and chronic ailments.

Where: P170, CIT Scheme VII M, Near Ultadanga Tram Depot

Call: 9830059135

Prasida Ayurvedic Center

Prasīda is a unique clinical facility that represents the authenticity of South Indian Ayurvedic practice. Prasida is a need-based, doctor-centric institution. A detailed health evaluation is followed by precise prescriptions for Internal medications, external therapies, Shōdhana Panchakarma, diet and lifestyle Counseling. Among all the Ayurvedic Centers in Kolkata, Prasida is an authorized agency for Arya Vaidya Sala Medicines Kottakkal, Kerala and their authentic Ayurvedic formulations are offered to the patients. Prasida treats the first family of West Bengal at Raj Bhavan.

Where: Adya Shakti, CK-128, Sector II, Saltlake City, Kolkata

Call:   9874518108

Dhanwantari Ayurvedic Research Clinic

Dhanwantari is one of the most authentic Ayurvedic Centers for Panchakarma Therapies. You can get the Best Ayurvedic treatments encompassing Panchakarma, Keralian Panchakarma and Kshara Sutra. It provides specialized care in Kshara Sutra and Keralian Panchakarma. The Doctors are experienced in treating all your problems with the best knowledge. It offers a magical Panchakarma treatment for Rectal Prolaps. It is the Authorized Outfit of Arya VaidyaSala, Kottakkal, Kerala.

Where: Krishnapur, Near Keshtopur Bazar, Kolkata

Call: 033-25914293


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