This Summer Follow These 5 Tips To Be Healthy !

Since Kolkata is known to have a hot humid summer season, all we can do is take care of ourselves for it is not possible for anyone of us to stop going to work, school , colleges and sit at home. The least we can do is follow  these  5 simple tips to stay hydrated and avoid being sick, because they have said it right ,” Prevention is better than cure”

Drink lots of Water


The golden rule for staying fit and healthy is keeping yourself hydrated by drinking good amount of water. Kolkata summers make you sweat because of the humidity and the best thing one should do here is drink lots of water throughout the day.

Take care of your Skin

Summer is the time when you have to be very careful with your skin as it is prone to rashes and pimples. One should use definitely use a sun screen lotion to protect their skin from the direct heat. Also, use wet wipes to wipe your face and make up for it keeps the skin hydrated and makes you feel fresh. Choose your summer skin care products carefully.

Eat healthy

It is always recommended to us to eat healthy, but specially during summers we should become more of a ‘fruits ‘ person. Make water melon, guava, papaya a must part of your diet. And avoid rich, oily food as it reacts with the outside temperature and makes your body warmer.

Avoid Walking During The Day Time

People who have a tendency to have headaches because of the heat should avoid directly exposing themselves to the sunlight. Yes, we are not asking you stay at home, but suit yourself !

Carry an Umbrella


Yes, this might sound stereotype but Umbrellas do help a lot. It protects your skin from direct sunlight and after effects of it.

So, follow these 5 simple tips this summer and you are good to go !


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