9 Things Kolkata desperately needs !!

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10 things Kolkata desperately needs for an extreme makeover!

In spite of Kolkata or Calcutta being a metropolitan city and also the cultural capital of India, it lacks a certain few things which we Kolkatans, (especially I) would be more than happy to welcome to our city!

Also, considering the fact that, how our chief minister claimed to turn our beloved city into London…a lot still remains desired & only in our wishful thought bubbles.

Here’s a list of ten things which need to be done ASAP to make Kolkata more beautiful and at the same time put a smile on our faces.

1. The Eye

So yeah, “didi” promised to turn our city into much like London, and we do have our very own Clock Tower (re: The Big Ben in London) but what we people actually want is something like the London Eye…a Kolkata Eye maybe? Is anyone listening?

2. The Wi-Fi initiative

We were promised to get free Wi-Fi throughout the entire city, till now only the Park Street stretch has this facility. It’s about time all other places got this facility.

The Wi-Fi initiative taken by our Government should really grow a pair of wings and spread far & wide…maybe a little red bull `can give it wings? No. Just kidding.

3. Water Parks/Theme Parks/Amusement Parks

It’s time someone took the burden on himself/herself and gave us the opportunity to go crazzyyyyy in a properly designed amusement park.

There are only three prominent ones in the city – Nicco Park, Wet-o-Wild and Aquatica. Well, they have definitely become prehistoric to say the least. WE NEED CRAZY ROLLER COASTERS (should be safe though) !

4. Animal shelters

This is a really serious one. The number of dogs roaming our streets is an indication of where Kolkata stands in terms of taking care of these creatures. Yes, there are quite a few animal shelters present in the city but one has to wonder, it just isn’t enough.

The countless dogs on the streets need proper care, medical attention and goes without saying a roof above their heads.

5. Graffiti

Graffiti or street-art is a dying form of art, especially in a city like ours. Chances of you being chased away by the cops while trying to spray paint a wall is very high, but what’s life without risks? So, take out those cans and find an empty canvas…a wall, is what I meant.

Graffiti art if done at various places in the city might just become an attraction for residents and tourists alike.

6. Pizza outlets

Moving along the same lines as the previous point, Kolkata lacks a specialty pizza joint. There are a few places where they serve authentic Italian pizzas, but that just gets lost in the humongous menu card they have! We need a specialty pizza joint over here, such that we can say – “here take my money” and hog the pizza down. Mission accomplished.

7. Space/platform for performing artists

There was a time when performing in our city – street play and music was comparatively easy & as a matter of fact was well renowned! But right now, it’ll be difficult for anyone to find an empty space on the streets for such an act.

These artists need to be provided with the right kind of push and goes without saying a platform to promote their art.

8. Better connectivity and transportation

This might just be the single most problematic thing for people who are working late hours or those who stay a bit away from the main city – connectivity.

The State Transport folks should take notice real quick, otherwise it won’t be long before all these people move out to a different city altogether.

9. Go-karting

It’s sad how the only go-karting facility in town was shut down almost a decade back. A facility for go-karting will be welcomed with arms wide open.

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