St Patricks Day Deals And Offers That You Should Check Out

It’s that time of the year again when you’ll see green everywhere. Green here and green there and did you know St Patrick’s Day is here?

In the colorful and brightly optimistic world of Ireland, where the festival marks a grand fest each year, St Patrick’s Day is nothing short of a mini-fest. The Patron Saint of the Irish Republic and an apostle of love, Saint Patrick is actually credited for bringing Christianity to the nation of Ireland.

To delve a little deeper into the famous story of Saint Patrick, one cannot isolate himself from the two critical constructs surrounding his legend. Among his two famous works are “The Confessio: a spiritual biography” of the patron saint and “Epistola”. In the latter, he denounced the ill treatment of Irish Christians by the British.
The legend of Saint Patrick.

St Patrick's Day

A global fest of everything Irish

But, it has to be said the greatest glory of the modern world is the spirit and joy with which a national event is celebrated in the wider world. Ditto for the revered Saint Patrick’s day.
Associated with everything Irish, the festival marking a spiritual renewal is also celebrated in the global centers of culture, art, film, music, and creativity, such as the cities of New York, San Francisco, Paris, Sydney and others. Here, you too can immerse yourself in the glowing vibe of Ireland’s most important festival. This is where you can celebrate St Patrick’s Day in Kolkata.

Hard Rock Cafe

St Patrick's Day

Green is the colour of the WEEK and it’s going to be ah-may-zing!​ We’re celebrating #StPatricksDay with some specially curated green cocktails, live band, and traditional decor only at Hard Rock Cafe. Drop in for some green beer and cheer!

Where: Park Mansion, 57A – Park Street, Kolkata
When:11th – 17th March
Call: 9870283734

St Patricks Day at Xrong Place

St Patrick's Day

Chug down the special St Patrick Day Special Cocktails & Shots & enjoy the Happy Hours 2:1 From 1-6 Pm and ooze Power Of 4,6 & 8 Pegs From 7-10 Pm. So what are you waiting for?

Where: 25 Sarat Banerjee Road ,Southern avenue, Kolkata
When:16th & 17th March
Call: 090073 74747


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