Spoilt by food choices at Office Para: Here’s a quick guide!

A lunch at Office Para (street) is truly an affair of flavours. Street food and people devouring them isn’t an uncommon sight in Kolkata. However, hundreds of food stalls dotting Dalhousie area, a hub of most government offices, is an age-old phenomenon.
The host of options at offer will tend you to drool on them. Since most office-goers are regular customers here, the market peaks at around the lunch time and dissolves by the end of the day.

The fun part is the price. We will take you through a few of the most availed options in the market:


Office Para Street Kolkata

Knowing how to use chopsticks is not a pre-requisite for eating these. Cooked right in front of you, chow mein, chilli chicken, and other Chinese preparations will be served hot to you.

Cost: INR 30-50 per plate of chow mein (veg/egg/chicken)


Office Para Street Kolkata

Ghugni is an iconic vegetarian Bengali snack made with dried yellow peas and served with Pauruti, that needs no translation (bread and dried yellow peas). One may choose Luchi (puri) over bread as well.

Cost: INR 20-30 per plate

Mughlai paratha

Office Para Street Kolkata

Again, another very popular Bengali street food prepared with a soft fried bread enhanced by a stuffing of keema, egg, onions and pepper; or a paratha stuffed with the same or similar ingredients. The oil-drenched dish is worth drooling on.

Cost: INR 30-50 per plate (egg/chicken/mutton)


Office Para Street Kolkata

A sight of Biryani, a mixed rice dish that is very popular throughout the country, made with spices, rice, meat, vegetables or eggs will entice your hunger pangs.

Cost: INR 50 (chicken)


The choice to eat healthily is yours. Crushy and crisp brown Dosa, Idli Sambar, or Vada Sambar –  these south Indian meals are found across the length and breadth of the country.

Cost: INR 20 for Idli/Vada plate and INR 30 for Dosa

Dahi Vada

Dahi Vada, the snack prepared by soaking Vadas in thick Dahi sprinkled with spices and chutney, can be another healthy option.

Cost:INR 30 per plate

Fruit Chaat

Office Para Street Kolkata

This is one of the most selling items in the market. Name the fruit and you have it on the platter. Ideally, a wholesome Fruit Chaat has around 8-10 types of fruits, ranging from typical ones like banana, pomegranate and papaya to seasonal varieties like Kiwi, grapes and mango.

Cost: INR 60 per plate

Fret not about the prices, savour the gastronomical delightful in the streets of Kolkata.


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