Sinjini Saha

Nation’s Favorite Ganesh Puja Makes it Big In Kolkata

September 1, 2019

Ganesh Puja, the darling festival of the nation has been gaining popularity in Kolkata too. Let us usher in Ganpati Bappa with love and laughter.

Mythology Says....

ganesh chaturthi in Kolkata Our adorable little Ganpati Bappa, created from the body dirt of Goddess Parvati was on the guard. Unaware of Lord Shiva’s identity he refused to let him in. And at that, Lord Ganesh’s head was severed leading Goddess Parvati enraged. In an attempt to fix the scene the Devas were sent in search of the head of a dead person and all they could manage was head of an Elephant. And thus, the elephant-headed God of Fortune was born. This occasion has rejoiced across the country as Ganeshotsav or Vinayaka Chaturthi.

Kumartuli- Where Ganpati is created!

Ganesh Puja

Nestled on the banks of Hooghly, Kumartuli is the happiest these days.

Kumartuli, the idol-making hub of Kolkata is gearing up for the upcoming festive season. From Ganesh Chaturthi to Vishwakarma Puja and Durga Puja, it is now the busiest moment of the season.

Must-Visit Ganesh Puja

ganesh chaturthi in Kolkata North Kolkata Baghbazar Traders Association organises one of the largest Ganesh Pujas in the city. With an idol almost 18-20 feet height, this deity is visited by close to 70,000 people Burrabazar Jai Matadi Seva Samity and Welfare Society is known to undertake lavish Ganesh Puja at Posta Ganesh Mandir. Close to couple of lakhs crowd pays homage to the idol.
Ganesh Utsav at Bank Garden Park is in its 5th year of Ganesh Puja in the Bank Garden club premises. All are welcome on this auspicious occasion. The puja will take place here from 2nd September 6am till 4th September.
ganesh chaturthi in Kolkata Close to 90 years old, Maharashtra Nivas Hazra features one of the oldest Ganesh Pujas in Kolkata.Yubak Sangha near PNB Salt Lake is the organizer of notable Ganesh Puja. Fondly named PNB ka Raja, Ganeshji flaunts Benarasi Dhoti and even shawl. Famous Singers put up a grand musical night at this famed Puja. Another well-known Ganesh Puja is observed near Swimming Pool set up by Salt lake Maitri Sangha. Famous Bollywood Celebrities have often adorned this Puja. The pandal is usually an imaginary Ganesh Temple made of iron and the idol is never less than 20feet. Inaugurated by MLAs this Ganesh Puja should be must-visit.

Sweet Trip of Ganesh Puja

ganesh chaturthi in Kolkata Sweets and Savouries storm your table during Ganesh Puja. Lord Ganesh or “Modapriya” loved ‘modak” and so do we. Modak is essentially sweet dumpling made of rice flour mixed with Coconut and jaggery. The plate offered to the Lord must contain 21 Modak. Motichoor Laddoos are an absolute favourite of Lord Ganesh and finds fond space in the Prasad and our tummies too.

Other places to attend Ganesh Puja

  • Ganesh Puja 2019- 41, Palm Ave, Ballygunge Park, Ballygunge, Kolkata, 3rd Sep 2019.
  • Sealdanga Balak Sangha Club- 63, Howrah Improvement Trust Rd, Ichapur, Howrah, 3 Sep, 10 am – 5 Sep2019, 10 pm