Head to the Best Microbreweries in Kolkata

People are found to be crazy for Microbrewery Beer more than that of a Bottle Beer, these days. Microbreweries magic blends that consist of Beer of course but with some new flavor, are taking place in their favorite list. This is true that Microbreweries produce less amount of Beer than other big fat Bars but their amazing brewing techniques make it heavenly. Head to these Microbreweries present here in Kolkata that What’s Up Kolkata has listed below.

The Brewmaster

As the name reads, The Brewmaster is really a master in brewing luscious Beer. This place is well known as Kolkata’s first Micro Brewery. Hence, they serve variety of brewed Beers that you would be confused of which one to try first. There are Amber Beer, Blonde’e Beer, Banana Bear, Black Hawk, Ice Brew Beer, Brunette Beer, Gabru, Brew Master Brew, Vanilla Beer and so on. Do try the brewed Cheetah which is finely brewed in coffee flavor for sure.

Where: GP Block, Sector V, Salt Lake, Infinity Benchmark, Kolkata.

Call: 7603058113

Country Roads Micro Brewery and Restaurant

When we think of best Microbrewery Beer Bars, the first name that comes to mind is Country Roads. Here you would get Beer Brewed with the finest ingredients. They produce City’s best flavored brew as their customers recommend. Awesome ambience and good music make the place comfortable to stay a little more time. Let us tell you something more about their three mind blowing Microbreweries that would become your all-time favorite for sure. German Weizen(INR 179)means German wheat Beer that is brewed with finest imported malts, Scottish Ale(INR 179) with biscuit malt flavor and Belgium Blond(INR 179) that reflects the flavor of caramel and some of fruits – these special drinks would make the evening more special with your bae.

Where: The Galleria, Action Area 1B, Rajarhat, NewTown, Kolkata.

Call: 033 30991292

The Grid

The Grid is a Brewery cum Restaurant where you can enjoy unique brewed Beer and delectable foods together in a vivid ambience. Their hand-crafted brews in different flavor win many hearts and give a sense of freedom. Once you visit the place, you should not miss their extra special Brews like Piedmont: American Blonde (INR 260), Caldera (INR 220), Hogback (INR 210) and Tombolo (INR 270). Taste their Crafted Beer “to experience the inexperience”- as their tag line promises.

Where: 86A, Topsia Road South, Kolkata.

Call: 8444000888

Raize The Bar

Raize’s unusual Brews are also well-considered for a youthful hangout plan. They serve four types of vibrant Brew which are both strong and heavy to blow your mind. These four International flavored Beers are German Fog, American Beach Hat, Belgian Wheat Beer and the strongest and darkest of all that is English Beer. The best thing is all of these come at INR 180 (onwards) only.

Where: Block DP, Plot No 5, College More, Salt Lake.

Call:96814 76190

Beer Republic

Do head to the place to taste their home brewed Beer collection. As added feature you would enjoy classy décor, soothing ambience and Live music performance.Republic Beer which is sweet and brewed with European Red Malts, Amber Beer brewed with imported Barley Malts, Blondee Beer brewed with malted wheat and Brunttee Beer which is well liked for its smoky aroma are the four types of outstanding brew Beer available there.

Where: 93, NarkelDanga Main Road, Kankurgachi, Kolkata.

Call: 033 2320 0084

Motor Works & Brewing Company

Sitting in Motor Works and Brewing Company is like sipping beer in an urbane industrial. Adding drama to the ambience and making it interactive, one can see the brewing happening in front of them and has the opportunity to interact with the brewer, watch them in action and get the fragrant aroma of fresh beer brewing. See the cleaning of the tanks or the levels being checked, right in front of you. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that they are the first brewery in India with a food truck, Brewing distinctly flavoured beers with innovations like Radler, Apple Cider, Mead and Chilly Beer! And of course with our motor premise, the beers are aptly called Motor Fuel.

Where: EN1, Sector 5, Salt Lake, Kolkata

Call: 9830552117

If you are fond of experiencing something new than that of stereotype bottle Beer, come to the above mentioned places and take the taste of what bliss is.

Contributed By: Priyanka Chakraborty Bhattacharjee.


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