Haleem Hunting: Kolkata’s Best Places with the Shahi Dish

The holy month of Ramzan sees dawn-to-dusk fasting as much as it experiences dusk-to-dawn feasting, Iftari in particular being the scene of some impressive gastronomic action. Queen of the Iftaari delicacies is undoubtedly the Haleem. In Arabic, modified Haleem means patient and this Ramzan-star storms Kolkata with its rich taste and heady flavors.

Whatsup Life takes delicious Haleem Tour of the city:-

AminiaAminia Haleem

Started in 1929, since pre-independent British period in Kolkata, Aminia sits strong amidst the chaos of New Market and this is exactly where you will be served the authentic Haleem. Preparation begins the night before. Stunning variety is available ranging from Maghaz to Zubaan to Paaya. The Beef Arbi is the most popular treat and needless to say must-try.

Visit: 6A S.N.Banerjee Road, New Market, Kolkata

Call:  033-22651318

Single Bowl@Rs.150

Arsalan Hooks on HaleemArsalan Haleem

The Kolkata Biriyani destination, Arsalan probably dishes out the most delectable form of this dish. 7 kinds of Daal along with 25 different kinds of spices go into preparation. It is believed during Ramzan, 400 plates are sold everyday. The aromas keep you happy and hearty.

Visit: 28 Circus Avenue, Park Circus, Kolkata

Call: 9007007921

Single Bowl@Rs. 175

ZeeshanZeeshan Haleem

This classic dish turns astonishingly royal at Zeeshan. It is laboriously prepared by Lucknowi Karigar. Endless plates are presented every day. With right portion of Lentils and most succulent Mutton and Chicken cooked with flavor-some spices on simmer heat for cool 8 hours, can treat ever be more lavish?

Visit:  17 Syed Amir Ali Avenue, Park Circus, Kolkata

Call: 033- 22806842

Single Bowl@ Rs. 160

ShirazShiraz Haleem

Shiraz is one of the venerated names in Kolkata for Mughlai Cuisine. This Traditional  dish from the Shiraz kitchen is ravishing. If you crave for the heavy richness go for the Shahi Haleem and when you want to keep it subtle, opt for Irani Haleem with mild-spice and tender chunks of chicken only to be melted away in your mouth.

Visit: 135 Park Street Kolkata

Call:    033-30990366

Single Bowl@ Rs.170

Royal India HotelRoyal Haleem

A bowl of Special Haleem combining tender meat with lentils at the Royal India Hotel is special Iftari gift. Located near Nakhoda Masjid, Royal India Hotel is known for its generous helping. The Special Chicken variety here is definitely the pride dish. This heady-velvet dish makes this place regular haunt during Ramzan.

Visit: 147 Rabindra Sarani, Burrabazar, Kolkata

Call:   033-2268-1073

Single Bowl@Rs.170

India RestaurantIndia Restaurant Haleem

Situated in Kidderpore, India Restaurant almost gets the city alive with its Iftaari delicacies especially Special Mutton Haleem. The slow-cooked preparation is star relish. The dal-wheat-meat-masala broth create little explosions of pure pleasure in your mouth.

Visit: 34 Karl Marx Sarani, Kolkata

Call: 033-30990455

Single Bowl@Rs.130

New AliahNew Aliah Haleem

Operating since last 80 years, the famous Aliah has now revamped as New Aliah Hotel but the cuisine carries the century old aura. Creamiest form of Mutton Haleem are available. Aliah claims to use purest Saffron which brings the difference. Quality of products used surely adds to the taste.

Visit: 31 Bentinck Street, Esplanade, Kolkata

Call: 033-30990361

Single Bowl@Rs.140


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