Sneha Bhagat

Movie Review of the famous Bengali Film, Haami

May 31, 2018

Haami is a multi-layered film which on the one hand is a comedy, but is also a family drama. The word Haami in Bengali can be translated to a kiss but of a more childish, innocent origin. This is in stark contrast to the word chumu which involves sexual passion and arousal, associated obviously with adults. Haami This Shiboprosad Mukherjee directed film is a satire on modern over-protective parents and the society at large. A school has hundreds, perhaps thousands of kids, but the parents of each child is preoccupied with a demand for constant updates on their own. The parents themselves, as well as the teachers grew up at times, when schools rarely had CCTV cameras, but functioned smoothly under the basic premise of trust. That trust between educators, students and parents seems to have withered over time. Schools tend to function as businesses, where students are the products and their parents the customers to be pleased just like any other industry. Education has taken a backseat, and instead the school needs to focus on other issues such as round-the-clock vigil. Haami Haami is also a take on modernity and westernisation’s impact on Indian culture. A lot of western concepts borrowed directly may prove to be rather mismatched within the Indian context. No wonder, even in this movie the most protective parents are those of Chini, who grew up in suburban Gurgaon, and whose parents are westernised, highly-educated. The more Desi earthy parents of Bhutu, meanwhile remain more confident in the traditional teacher-student relationships. The film also shows the excessive influence of social media on our daily lives. TV media too does not help that often. Haami The acting and casting has been excellent. Each character is so unique and perfectly well portrayed. Shiboprosad Mukherjee himself enacts the role of the father of Bhutu. He excels in the role of the nouveau riche furniture retailers. His fiery wife’s character has been played by Gargi Roy Choudhury.She is in many ways the real star, with excellent comic timing, she made the audience roar to laughter with some of her mere expressions. Another king of comedy in the movie is Kharaj Mukherjee as the local councillor and father of the curious child who gets the greatest joy in life by complaining to the teacher about Bhutu. His rich spoilt wife’s role has been played by Koneenica Banerjee. The veteran Tanushree Shankar plays the role of the enlightened school principal. She is ably supported in the school by AparajitaAdhya, who is the student-counsellor. ChurniGanguly is the westernised, suave mother of Chini. Her husband is the equally impressive Sujan Mukhopadhyay. There are hardly any dull moments in the film. It explores the excesses of modern life. Like a lot of yesteryear’s classics, Haami juggles finely between comedy and satire.


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