The Green House Cafe popular Pets Cafe in Salt Lake, Kolkata

The Green House Cafe as its name suggests is a green cafe with its ambiance and motive too of supporting a green environment for pets and people. It is the 1st pet friendly cafe in Salt Lake with 6 in-house dogs for you to play with as well as you could get your own dogs too and grooming would be done by them so you could lay back and enjoy. Here are all the facts listed below about the cafe:

Ambiance and Decor

Green House Cafe

The Green House Cafe is segregated to different parts, one is the pet’s room and then there is cafe or dining area where you can spend unlimited time chatting over a cup of coffee. There are two more areas, one which serves Shisha and the other room can be booked for private parties which can accommodate approx 15 people. The decor is done as its name, which is in Green and Brown wooden furniture to make it a theme supportive cafe.

When Hunger Strikes

Green House Cafe

The cafe satisfies your hunger cravings from breakfast to dinner, as the menu offers dishes to suit every taste-bud. They have a multi-cuisine menu and the chef is simply skilled with all his flavours to provide you with scrumptious food. Most recommended dishes include – Green House special sandwich/ burger, Fish n Chips, Grilled Chicken with Herbed Rice, and much more.

Green House Cafe

It is a must for coffee lovers to visit the place as the cafe offers a huge range of coffee to choose your preference from. The beverages are just to drool over and refresh both body and soul. The menu offers all kinds of mocktails too, so you can team up your meal with a splendid drink.

Anything Else

Green House Cafe

The cafe offers you plenty of options of board games which you can play free of cost and spend time with your loved ones. It is indeed a great feeling to relive your childhood with friends and family whether you are at any age.

Where – BF 186, Sector 1, Near Swimming Pool, Salt Lake

Contact – 03346023737

Visit the place and do let us know your feedback in the comments section below.


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