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Frequently used Bengali words and phrases

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February 24, 2017

12 most frequently used Bengali words and phrases used in everyday life ! For those who only relate Bengalis with “roshogolla” “mishti doi” and “maach bhaat” - Here's a guide for you into the everyday vocabulary of Bengali people. Make sure you take a note and use it whenever you feel legit ! :)


Translation : Being overly cheesy/clingy/annoying and everything relative. Usage : In a situation when someone is whining over their lost love or something, there will always be that one Bong from the group who'll blow the entire situation away by saying these words - “bhai nekamo korish naa, shob theek hoye jabe” The person in question here is referred to as neka.


Translation : Bawaal literally means arguing; but as it is with Bengalis, they've made the usage of this word in such a way that it's both funny and offensive at the same time. Usage : When someone gets in the face of a pure-hearted Bong, the usual retort would be somewhat like “bawaal dicchen keno?” followed by effective explicits.


Translation : This literally translates to “unbelievable”. This word is also one which can be used to describe anything and everything, be it good or bad. Usage : 1. positive usage – For any spectacular movie, football game, any food preparation et al...the usual reaction from Bongs would be - “ki jaaatah holo” 2. negative – The same word in a negative sense basically means to be bulls***ing around; for example – when someone is batantly lying to you, the best way to answer back to him? - “jaatah bolish naa toh”

Pagol hoye geche

Translation : This is a simple one; “pagol hoye geche” simply means to have gone crazy or out of your mind. Usage : For a friend who in your mind is batshit crazy this is the phrase you should describe him with! You can also put forth a rhetorical question like “pagol na matha kharap?”


Translation : Antlamo is the word used to describe the antics of a pseudo-intellect around this part of the country, and might I warn you...there are many in the city! These pseudo-intellects are called “antels”. Usage : when someone is lecturing you on a certain thing which you couldn't care less about, and in a way showing his intellectual prowess - “Oh God! Antlamo korish naa” would be the best way to put an end to that conversation.

Pond paka

Translation : Smart-ass Usage : Just like it's western counterpart - “pond paka” is often the word used to describe a person who tries to cross his boundaries of knowledge and level of thinking to show his smartness, hence – smart-ass. common bengali words language


Translation : Something which literally means err...a bell. Usage : Not going by it's literal meaning, “ghonta” is usually used in cases of a negative response. For example – When someone asks you whether you've done a certain thing or not, if the answer is negative Bongs tend to say “ghonta”

Boye geche

Translation : I don't care. Usage : For anything which doesn't bother a Bong, once spoken of will without a doubt be met with a resounding “boye geche” !

Gorbor / Gondogol

Translation : Something's wrong. Usage : When your instinct tells you that something's not right but you don't know where to point your finger – that's a serious “gondogol” !


Translation : Awesome / Amazing Usage : This is a household word for almost every Bongs in the world, the word “fatafati” is more impactful than any other word having the same meaning for them! There's a reason why the ISL football club of Kolkata – Atletico De Kolkata has a tagline which reads - “fatafati football”