Hotspots in the City: Cafes with WiFi in Kolkata

Kolkata, the British capital of India has an evergreen relationship with food. Every citizen of this city believes in the true spirit of eating and that is reflected on the streets and the swarming restaurants.

With time, Kolkata has seen a change of taste and tradition. Though these historic cafes still hold on to their roots real tight, many new joints have sprung up within and on the outskirts of the city. In the age of evolving modern technology cafes are trying to cater to the tech savvy crowd by giving free wifi access!

Is it worth is? Let’s find out.

Kolkata has been a boom for the F&B Industry  and going by the numbers of small bistros and restaurants, seems like there will come a time when most of the eating joints will offer free wifi just to grab the attention of the mass and hold on to their customers.

Cafes have discovered that the internet is the equivalent of the never-ending coffee cup, only better: it doesn’t require heating and barely needs any electricity. And it doesn’t interfere with the normal run of business, just enhances it! With time, more and more food outlets are discovering that a sign – FREE WIFI can pull in customers big time.

A business strategy? I truly believe so.

After summing up all the equations, we drop down to three basic benefits of a cafe/bistro with wifi :

  1. Foot traffic
  2. Longer hours
  3. Amount spent by the customers

One more advantage of cafes with wifi is that you no longer require a companion if you plan to venture out ! Not necessarily for sure. The wifi’s going to keep you busy and the restaurant with your food. You can literally spend hours and not get bored.

Working as a catalyst for the restaurateurs, they firmly believe that wifi access is sure to bring them better figures and a full house (well mostly full)

Listed below are 10 restaurants that offer free wifi.

The Chaiwala


Considerably new to the scene and somehow reminding me of Chaayos from Delhi, this cafe is a fresh new addition to the food map of Kolkata, majorly for the tea lovers out there.

Address : 6/1/2, Graham’s Lane, N.S.C Bose Road. Tollygunge, Kolkata

Contact : 033 24113439,  8335088799

The Bikers Cafe

Bikers Cafe

Dedicated to the bike lovers, and proclaimed as the only bike themed cafe in Kolkata, this place is a rocker. With a wide menu and snazzy interiors this place is just where to should be for a change!

Address : First Floor, Platinum Mall – 31, Elgin Road, Kolkata

Contact : 033 30991303

Eagle Boy Pizzas

eagle boys pizza

Move aside Dominos and Pizza Hut, we’ve got eagle boys who are eager to serve piping hot and fresh thin crust crunchy pizzas! Doesn’t that sound awesome ?

Address : 24,Sarada Pally, Block D, Near Tagore Park, Ruby Hospital Area, Kolkata

Contact : 033 30990215

Mrs. Magpie


This cute bakery, hands down is adorable and we all love it. Right from their cute cupcakes to fresh scones, everything is just so cute and delish!

Address : 570, Lake Terrace Road Extension, Keyatala, Southern Avenue, Kolkata

Contact : +91 8697731491

The Steak Factory

This rustic steakhouse is one of the very best Kolkata has to offer! Wooden tables, old classical frames, warm muted lights and a lovely steak on the table. What else can you ask for ?

Address : 50, Lake Place, Southern Avenue, Kolkata

Contact :  8697808639,  9836043648

Asia Kitchen by Mainland China

asia ambience

They call it “authentic Chinese”, well basically authentic Asian food served at a beautiful restaurant with an open kitchen and an enormous menu so you are spoilt for choice. What a gastronomic journey would that be!

Address : 4th Floor, Acropolis Mall -1858/1, Rajdanga Main Road, Kasba, Kolkata

Contact : 033 30991201



“The happiest place to be” – This is what Hoppipola markets themselves as! And indeed, it is the happiest place with be with UNO, board games, beer pongs and scrumptious food.

Address : 4th Floor, Acropolis Mall – 1858/1, Rajdanga Main Road, Kasba, Kolkata

Contact : 033 30991281

Café 4/1

Cafe 4/1 4 by 1 cafe4by1

This relatively new cafe is “aesthetically” beautiful and tastefully done and would tastefully satiate your taste buds as well. Voila!

Address : 4/1, Camac Street, Camac Street Area, Kolkata

Contact : 033-69000025,  9339414141

The Country House

country house

This cafe is a new feather to the hat if you are looking a place in Kolkata for that quick brunch on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Inspired by the continental genre and warm vibes just like  a country house,  English style dining – period!

Address : 4C, Allenby Road, Near Forum Mall, Elgin, Kolkata

Contact : 033-30991394



Owned by the Casyab siblings, this place is so fresh. They are famous for their breakfast buffet and what better way to start the most important meal of your day in a royal manner!

Address : 1st Floor, The Regency, 6 Hungerford Street, Opposite Birla High School, Minto Park, Kolkata

Contact :  9874824561, 033-22900908


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