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11 Everyday Brands that Bengali People cannot live Without

August 15, 2018

Certain brands form a life association with certain communities. It is a process where children use the products their parents use and further pass it down to the next, till a time comes when one cannot imagine any other way. The same is true of the association between Bengali people and some brands. They are simply inseparable. Even if these brands suffer elsewhere, they will always have a ready market in Kolkata and rest of Bengal. Here is a look at some fo those prominent brands:



This magic cream is seen as the solution to all kinds of skin problems. Right from itches to bites, a Bengali can be seen generously applying this concoction. it’s safe to say that the Bengali reverence for Boroline is unmatched. For them, it is their mother in a tube.

Keo Karpin


This is the hair oil that beats all other oils. Everyone in Bengali households needs to get soaked under litres of Keo Karpin. They use it as a hair oil, they use it as a body oil. They also use it after bathing and shampooing so that they waft along on a cloud of Keo Karpin for the rest of the day 

Jharna Ghee


Unlike the ghees (clarified butter) in other parts of the country, the Bengali version has a higher boiling which is why it is not used for cooking. But it is an ideal add-on to all kinds of cooked items. Plus, it can also be had directly with boiled rice. That is why every Bong swears by Jharna.


Lacto-Calamine is the ultimate beauty hack that every girl east of Asansol just has to know of. Due to the coastal location, one sweats a lot here, so such protection often becomes necessary.


Brands Bengali can't do without

Most Indians wouldn’t be able to reconcile with the fact that Bata is not an Indian-origin brand. It has all the other elements of being a loaded Swadeshi item. It is cheap, affordable, durable and ubiquitous across the country. And its takers abound on the streets of Kolkata where few shoe brands can compete against Bata’s charm….If you want to get a feel of the typical Bengali atmosphere, visit a Bata store before Durga Puja.


Sreeleather is genuinely indigenous.  They produce shoes, sandals, belts and wallets. All products are of genuine leather for which Kolkata is a major centre. Not just famous for their sandals or shoes, but even their belts and wallets are a rage among Bengalis.

KC Paul & SonsBengali

It rains a lot in Kolkata and elsewhere in the region. So, one obviously needs an umbrella for all-round protection. During the summers, the heat too gets oppressive. No umbrella brand has passed on the All-Bangla test the way KC Paul & Sons have.


This is the ultimate cure for all stomach related issues such as gas formation. So, it is the recommended digestive at all households post a heavy meal of maachh-bhaat. Bengalis eat out as much as they do at home, secure in the knowledge that Gelusil is backing their stomachs up.

Jaba Kusum


Jaba Kusum Oil is a household name by default in all Bengali homes….The Bengalis accounting for almost 80-90% of the consumption……During the hot summers, nothing cools the body more than this cold hair oil. Families who use Jaba kusum oil have often been doing so for generations.  For outsiders strolling about Calcutta streets during festivals do not be alarmed at the strange smell drifting about,……during the festivities a good oiling is an indulgence. As well as during examinations , for many believe that using our oil will keep their heads cool.


PC Chandra

No special occasion is every complete without a set of jewellery or rings being presented. This is especially true for weddings. And no wedding in Kolkata is ever complete without jewellery from PC Chandra.


Khadim’s – Most Purchased Footwear Brand of Bengal during Puja  in the Footwear category, Khadim’s has emerged as the most purchased brand during Festival Period in Kolkata and both rural and urban markets in Rest of Bengal, way ahead of other branded players…..Life is incomplete without Khadim’s. You can go any distance if you have slipped into Khadim’s shoes.




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