Durga Puja 2018 : Must See Pandals of North Kolkata

With Durga Puja 2017 officially kick-started, the time to have one week filled with fun, joy and loads of fond memories is all set into motion. Durga Puja, this year in ways could be a tad bit melodramatic in the city, with every single day till the last day of pujas expected to have some heavy downpour during the daytime.

Apart from this too, the frenzy and craze surrounding the festival felt a little turned down, this time around. But with all said and done, and for me personally being in the city during Pujas after two years, it all feels…like home!

Anyway, since we have already touched upon the ‘best pandals of south Kolkata‘ I figured, North Kolkata should get its due recognition too! Here are the best pandals which have been built in the northern fringes of the city this year.

Sreebhumi Sporting Club

durga puja

No one can catch North Kolkata when it comes to creating gorgeous themes every year. Sreebhumi Sporting has conceptualized the theme of Bahubali this year. The grand pandalis a true copy of the Mahishmati Palace. The ancient kingdom of the Bahubali franchise has been recreated in the finest way in this Puja Pandal.


Santosh Mitra Square

durga pujaThe SealdahSarbojaninDurgotsav, later named as SantoshMitra Square, is known for its innovative theme every year. The pandalthis year has gained popularity for its remarkable artwork. The Puja Committee has really dazzled the pandal with the London City theme. The idol is positioned in a replica of the great Buckingham Palace. Big Ben, London Eye, and Town Bridge are created skilfully in this London miniature. The idol has been dressed in a pure gold saree of 22 karats, designed by renowned fashion designer Agnimitra Paul.



Manicktalla Chaltabagan Lohapatty Durga Puja


ManicktallaChaltabaganLohapattyDurga Puja has come up with the theme of animals in its pandal decoration. A huge elephant is made on the top of the pandal and all other animals like an owl, buffalo, etc. are seen outside. The DurgaPratima is immensely beautiful in its red and white attire. The white stone jewellery of the idol makes it look absolutely stunning. This Puja Pandal has remained on the list of must watch this year for every pandal hopper.

Jagat Mukherjee Park Durga Puja

durga puja

Jagat Mukherjee Park of Sovabazar has given a memorable experience this year with their theme of ‘Live submarine’. The Puja pandal has entirely mimicked the feeling of being under-water. This boats, submarine, and underwater themed Durga Puja Pandal have been inaugurated ShriSouravGanguly and JhulanGoswami.

College Square Durga Puja

durga puja

Nothing beats the pandal decoration and idol of the traditional Durga Puja at College Square. The idol is grand inside the spectacular lighting outside. This Puja was started in 1948 beside a lake. The entire area is illuminated with light during this time for the grand festival. The crowd flocks to this pandal break its own record every year. People come to see the sparkling lights works of the pandal and its mirror reflection on the lake water.

Dum Dum Park Yubak Brinda

durga puja

Dum Dum Park YubakBrinda is celebrating 51 years this year. The Puja Committee has created a Santhali Village and projected the artworks done by Santhals in the core villages of West Bengal. Several cultural programs are conducted on the Santhali culture of the state during the four days of Puja that has caught the attention enthusiast Puja loving crowd.

Kashi Bose Lane Durga Puja

durga puja

Kashi Bose Lane Durga Puja Committee of North Kolkata has themed ‘How music resonates in our lives and surroundings’ for this year. They have turned to the theme of music, which is the soul of the state. The Puja Pandal aims to reach out to the soul of music and spread it across the universe.

Shyambazar Nabin Sangho

durga puja

The Pandal theme at ShyambazarNabinSangho this year is the ‘Shantir Bari’. They have referred to the age-old Puja religious rituals of sprinkling ‘ShantirJal’ on the devotees after the puja to seek blessings for the well-being of them. The mandap is decorated with the furniture used in old Bengal. It is a must watch this year for all pandal hoppers beyond any doubt.

Baghbazar (Bagbazar) SarbojaninDurgotsav

durga puja

BagbazarSarbojaninDurgotsav is one of the oldest Durga Puja pandals in North Kolkata. The pandal has hosted Durga Puja for around 100 years. It emphasizes more on traditional and cultural Puja. The Puja Mandap attracts a large crowd every year with its strikingly beautiful idol. The mandap ground hosts various exhibitions, carnival rides and stalls for the visitors.


ahiritola jubak brinda

AhiritolaJubakBrinda has kept its year’s theme as mobile phones and our addiction to them. Almost every one of us is addicted to our mobile phones. The Pandal theme encourages placing Mother Durga in our minds and meditating instead of drowning ourselves in this destructive habit.They celebrate Durga Puja with unparalleled enthusiasm. The Durga idol in the pandal is always elegant and spectacular.

ARJUNPUR – AMRA SABAI CLUBamra-sabai-club-durga-puja

They are very famous for the gracious Maa Durga idol they display at their pandals every year.
This year they have come up with a huge and beautiful pandal. The Goddess’s idol is adding glory to the amazing interiors of their Puja pandal.




This is one of those pandals which portrays a blast of colors and lights, making the entire ambiance all the more special. The abstract and somewhat off-beat theme which is at display here has blended perfectly with the color palette and added to the amazing experience of visiting this place.



Move away from the original ten-handed goddess or the one with a thousand hands at Deshopriyo Park…this Idol at Kumartuli Park has twenty-two freakin’ arms !

What’s even cooler is the fact that the Durga Idol here has overhauled the traditional and orthodox look and has settled for a more contemporary and modern look, complete with cold and dead serious eyes!



This is another pandal from the north, whose Idol takes the cake. Breaking away from the stereotypical style of portraying the Durga Idol, Hatibagan Sarbajonin has done justice to its unorthodox portrayal in more ways than one.


durga puja 2017

The main attraction of Dum Dum Tarun Dal isn’t its pandal but instead the beautifully crafted Durga Idol placed inside. Decked up in what is considered to be her traditional outfit, the color schemes and intricate designs have played an important role in making it into such a wonderful work of art.

Even the ‘mahisasur’ or the demon she’s conquering is all buffed up and intimidating !



Visiting the pandal at Telengabagan could easily make one realize how almost every puja of north Kolkata this time around has played with a wide variety of colors and abstract elements.

Apart from the idol at Telengabagan being a very gracious one, the pandal itself is arguably one of the best ones of ’18

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