Taste at Doorstep: Best Food Delivery Services in Kolkata

Urban-lifestyle sees growing trends like every other day.  From availing cab to booking plumber online to even calling driver for a day, there are newest trends in the city ensuring utmost comfort and convenience. Home Delivery of meals is one of the most rampant services in the city. Be it any kind of cuisine or any part of the city, flurry of home deliveries have hit the market. Live chef-food right in your own Living room with these Home Delivery Service Providers.

What’s Up Life delivers the Best Food Delivery Options in Kolkata:-

ShirazShiraz Home Delivery

Your last client meeting sucked and you got back home to an empty fridge and no energy to whip up meal, what do you do? You dial the nearest outlet of Shiraz for that amazing Kolkata Biriyani accompanied by that rich Chicken Kasa. With outlets possibly in every part of the city, Shiraz is one of the largest home delivery service providers popular for Mughlai Food and the iconic Kolkata Biriyani. They have hygienic packaging arrangement and they have carved niche for fastest delivery of Biriyani for any part of the city.

Cost for two: Rs.500-800

For North Kolkata Delivery:

Where: HA 16, Sector 3, Saltlake, Kolkata

Call: 03330990458

For Central Kolkata Delivery

Where: 135 Park Street, Kolkata

Call: 03322866806

Oudh 1590Oudh 1590 Home Delivery

Another name who have started excellent Home Delivery Service of Mughlai and royal Awadhi Cuisine is Oudh 1590. They serve North Kolkata from their outlet in Saltlake and South Kolkata through their Desapriya Outlet,  which pretty much covers the entire city. Best part they do not have minimum order delivery. Next time you are in mood for some Galouti Mutton Kebab, simply dial Oudh 1590.

Cost for Two: Rs.1000-1500( Appx)

For North Kolkata Delivery

Where: CD 86, Sector 1, Saltlake, Kolkata

Call: 03332211581

For South Kolkata Delivery

Where: 23B Desapriya  Park Kolkata

Call: 03365656551

Rang De Basanti DhabaRang de Basanti Dhaba

Home Delivery way beyond midnight, yes Rang De Basanti does not disappoint you with closing time. To make that house party with buddies super, all you have to is dial Rang De Basanti Dhaba and settle for some succulent Naan and Chicken Bharta. Delivered within given time and containing just the perfect taste, Rang De Basant food is modern take on Dhaba Street Dining.

Cost for two: Rs. 700-1000 (appx)

Where: DN 37, Sector V, Saltlake, Kolkata

Call: 03340061010


With 100 outlets across the city, Wow Momo is probably the largest home delivery chain for Chinese Fast Food. Wow Momo has given the Tibetan Delight, Momos a whole new twist and also turn. Handsome Momos filled with surprising filling packed in attractive boxes will be delivered at your doorstep bang on time. Apart from Momos, they have tasty combinations of Noodles, Fried Rice, Garlic Chicken and what not. Next time you crave to live authentic Chinese Food right in your living room, call Wow Momo.

Visit and chose your location for home delivery of your favorite Dumplings and Momos.

Cost for two: Rs.400-800 (appx)

ChowmanChowman Home Delivery

In case you want to order for some premium Chinese for the guests you have invited, your safest pick is Chowman. Working couples, occupied singles and busy families who care to serve fresh Chinese meals in amazing variety order from Chowman. Whether you order for Roasted Pork, Butter Garlic Prawns or Devil’s Lamb, each dish will reach on time packaged in most hygienic fashion.

Cost for two-Rs. 700-1000 (appx)

For North Kolkata Delivery

Where: BF 198, Sector I, Saltlake, Kolkata

Call: 03364581330

For South Kolkata Delivery

Where: 16J Broad Street, Ballygunje, Kolkata

Call: 03364581334

Koshe KoshaKoshe Kosha has been delivering the dish which possibly every Bong has grown up with-Mutton Kosha and Ilish Maach. Cooked just the way our Mothers whip up in their authentic kitchen, Koshe Kosha delivers authentic Bengali food. With outlets in most parts of the city, they have an efficient system for Home Delivery. Apart from regular food, they have excellent Non-Veg Thalis which can be home delivered. Kosha Mangsho, Bhapa Ilish and Chitol Maacher Muitha stand to be their signature dishes.

Cost for Two: Rs. 650-1000

For South Kolkata Delivery:

Where: 62 Ballygunje Gardens, Golpark, Kolkata

Call: 9830949494

For North Kolkata Delivery:

Where: 152/1 Bidhan Sarani, Hatibagan, Kolkata

Sholo Ana BangaliSholo Ana Bangali Home Delivery

Whether it is Sunday Lunch or even Mid-week dinner, if you are in mood for authentic Fish-Meal order from Sholo Ana Bangali. You can order for Veg, Non Veg and Fish Dishes which are delectable in taste. They are known to deliver absolutely freshest fish items in any part of the city. They are also know to serve wide variety of fishes ranging from Morala to Pabda to Katla.

Cost for two: Rs.600-1000 (appx)

For South Kolkata Delivery:

Where: 14C/114B Prince Anwar Shah Road, Kolkata

Call: 9051211138

For North Kolkata Delivery:

Where: DN 18, Saltee Tech Park, Sector V, Saltlake

Call: 03324294460







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