Did You Know? The Largest Organic Sewage Management System Is In Kolkata

There is an ecological miracle in Kolkata, which many of you would find it hard to believe but it is true that the World’s Largest Organic Sewage Management System is in the city of joy. Kolkata produces about 750 million litres of wastewater and sewage every single day, but the core area of the city does not have any sewage-treatment plant. So do you want to know where does the sewage go? Here is everything you need to know about the management:

Wetlands Are Not Wastelands


Wetlands are unique, beautiful and fragile ecosystems that are a haven for biodiversity, besides providing several other benefits and the East Kolkata wetlands impact the daily lives of people in several ways. It is maintained by farmers and fisher folks. These wetlands treat sewage organically with the help of sunshine, oxygen and microbial action.

Did you know? Wetlands are not only the areas with water – they also include dry areas and seasonal wetlands.

Wastewater Management


Wastewater from the city is put through small inlets. Then, a local fishery cooperative, segregates the densely polluted water from the clearer surface water. Laters, a parabolic fish-gate is used to separate the wetland water from the wastewater. This method helps the top layer of the water, which is generally clear, to flow in to large wetlands whereas the wastewater decomposes on its own. It also becomes food for fishes through various organic processes. 


Later, the separated water is used to rear and raise fish in ponds, which are known as bheries or even to grow crops on the banks of such wetlands. The East Kolkata Wetlands are indeed the fruits of the efforts of Dhrubajyoti Ghosh, who has, in the past, been honoured with Global 500 Award by the United Nations for environmental achievement.

The wetlands is an asset for the city as they work as a free sewage remediation, a fertile land as well as a natural flood defence for the low-lying city.

It is magical how the nature does its job so perfectly. Do let us know if the article was beneficial to you in the comments section below.


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