Best Places for Street Photography in Kolkata

Streets of Kolkata radiates the bizarre yet soothing amalgamation of ancient structure and modern society, which make it the paradise for photographers. Almost every street in an older part of Kolkata are picture-worthy, there are thousands of streets booming with different faces with their unique story to tell. Street Photography is done with some modern graffiti, some ancient mural paintings, some archaic structures and lot of lively people. Let’s discuss few of those streets your camera lenses are waiting for.

Park Street

Street Photography

The original high-street of Kolkata and the place for recreational activities. Park Street is booming with Pubs, Cafes, Discotheques, High-end showrooms, Luxury hotel and almost everything you would like to spend money on. From the time of Britisher till now, this place never lost its glamour.

It is one of those streets which received constant renovations and upgradation than others, so you will find modern structures with street vendors resembling the rustic charm. Take a walk from the side lane and you will find varieties of activities there.

Mallick Ghat flower market

Street Photography

This is one of my personal favorites, it is the largest flower market of Kolkata and you will literally run off battery and memory at this place. One of the most thriving businesses in the city, you’ll notice certain quirks when you talk to the vendors, such as a specific combination of flowers being used for worshiping a specific goddess. It is along the bank of Hooghly near the Howrah bridge where vendors wash the leave bags and bathing, it will give you amazing candid shots.

You will find so many stalls with myriads of flower varieties, vendors carrying gigantic garland of flowers on their shoulders, stall owners shouting and so much of things going around in such close space.

College Street

Street Photography

The kingdom of second-hand books, the 1.5 km trail of books where you will find books on almost any subject on earth. Considered as second largest second-hand book market in the word, college street will provide you the face of youth, their enthusiasm, their frustration, their frivolity and their aspiration.

The name of these place comes from famous colleges like Hindu School, Goenka School, and Hare School. If you are into “Time-lapse” videography, then come here early before the stall owners, set your camera and start recording as they set up their shops. You will be amazed and awed to see the transformation in the video.

Sudder Street

Street Photography

The famous street for the exotic backpackers and strings of cheap hotel and cafes, except the famous Lytton Hotel. This place is notorious for sales of all kind of illegal drugs and stuff. While going from Kyed street to Sudder Street, you will see amazing graffiti.

This place always booms with so many people like rickshaw pullers, bag-packers, and office-goer. Catch those rickshaw-pullers on your camera and you will be delighted by the smile they give. Next, to Sudder street you can see Lindsay street which houses more than 2000 shopping shops and stands oozing out crowd.

Street Photography

Apart these streets you can check out the Kumartuli, Babughat, Bow barracks, Shobhabazaar etc. As I said earlier almost every street in Kolkata is an ancient gem in its own. So never stop shooting and keep capturing Calcutta.

Contributed By: Gunjan Solanki.


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