Enjoy the Pleasure of Home at These Homestays in Shantiniketan, Kolkata

Shantiniketan can be a short holiday with friends and family. Whether a large group of friends or a small family, Shantiniketan has all the options to make comfortable stays for holidays.

Here we bring to you  a few names to the comfortable home stays out threre:


homestays in Shantiniketan

Monpakhi is a two storey villa with five bedrooms. The gorgeous place offers recreational facilities for all ages. Children can have their kind of fun on the ground while people can relax in the garden close to the nature. They arrange for programs in the evening for entertainment. You can even get your kind of meal prepared there and they suggest you the best according to your taste.

Where : Simantapally Rd, Santiniketan

Call : 9836081155

Tariff : INR 2000 approx per night per room




On offer a beautiful, charming and cosy family country home, with exclusive, spacious accommodation. Walk, sleep, read a book and relax. Or do nothing and listen to the sound of silence. Come home to the sylvan quiet of Prantik, Santiniketan, the quaint University town. Fill your lungs with fresh air under the clear blue sky and let your eyes feast the red soil. Be surrounded by lush greenery and enjoy the aroma of flowers nodding in the gentle breeze.

Where: Prantik, Shantiniketan

Call: 9831388588

Tariff: INR 3000-INR 5000 approx per night per room

Nayana’s homestay

homestays in Shantiniketan

The homestays offers books, art collection, there are heirlooms to explore too. Nayana Gangooly’s homestay , the chota kothinas it is known has a warm ambience. She is a good host and makes the guests feel comfortable.she makes sure of a relaxing stay and also guides about the best places to visit out there. She offers home cooked food but you are also provided with cooking facilities in case one wants to cook as per their own taste and liking. The villa is a safe place for female travellers as well.

Where : Phul Danga

Call : 9830044096

Tariff : INR 4000 approx per night per room


Krishna Chura

homestays in Shantiniketan Kolkata

The place Krishna Chura is a a villa owned by Indrani Malik. You can book the entire place or even a single room. The stay will be made relaxing and the privacy will be maintained even though you book a single room. The rooms are well equipped with all kinds of amenities as per today. There is free wifi and parking space available upto five cars.

The villa has three bed rooms and two separate adda zones for chilling out sessions. The cuisines offered are Indian as well as Chinese. The breakfast is included in the tariff with no extra charges.Krishna can help you prepare the itinerary in case you do not have your trip planned.

Where : Purbapalli Road

Call : 9748445544

Tariff : INR 2700 approx per night



homestays in Shantiniketan Kolkata

This property Aparajita is a property of around 6000 square feet and has four bedrooms to offer. The stay is a quiet one out here. The villa is a two storey villa also offers car parking. It has greenery around to spend your time amongst nature. There is common living and dining area for all guests staying in the villa.the open balcony has creepers running along side with nicely decorated pots placed there. The food is home made and delicious. There is no provision of wifi or TV which gives you the ultimately fetches you more productive time with family and friends.

Where : Purbapally Road

Call : 8420894287

Tariff : INR 2500 approx per night per room


homestays in Shantiniketan Kolkata

Diya is an interesting mud villa resort you would love to live in. It is located amidst nature in the Sonajhuri forest area. The place offers a cool rustic ambience and is also a pet friendly place. The villa is taken care of by the owners themselves. BChampa and husband Pradip Bose make sure that their guests are comfortable in every way. The villa is a huge property spread over an area of around 20,000 square feet. The resort has three villas to offer. Half of the cottages in small sizes are submerged under the ground but rest two are double storeyd. There is a glass room well made for evening chill out sessions. People have tea over chit chat sessions out here. The entire villa or even single rooms can be booked. In case of bigger events the entire property is also available for bookings. The food out here is yummy and the cuisine is that of typical Bengali. The items include sukto, aloo,dal, luchi,fish,mutton curry and more.the breakfast is included in the tariff.

Where: Diya Mud Villa, Goalpara, shonajhuri Polli, Santiniketan

Call : 9831401046

Tariff: INR 2500 approx per night per room.


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