Stores To Buy The Best Bread in Kolkata

The most common and worldwide food for breakfast and snacks Bread mostly prepared out of dough and water has been in demand ever since agriculture came into practice. Easily found in the very small kiosks, local shops and bakery Bread has been given a rich platform. The dough baked in various forms are in demand and is consumed by all. Bakeries in Kolkata to buy your bread

Flurys Bakery


Flurys is one of the oldest and the most famous bakeries in Kolkata. Being one of the finest bakeries it has risen the confectionery market in the city. The idea of eating out during the early hours of the day was conceptualized by Flurys. Breakfast here is most popular among the morning walkers who come for a cheat time after brisk walk. Long ago this bakery introduced non sliced loaf and large sized sandwiches for which they have been consistent in maintaining their quality till date. Baked beans on toast has been their signature item for ages now.

Bread Types: Milk, Plain, Whole Wheat, Sliced, etc.

Where: 18A, Park Street, Kolkata

Call: 033-30990148

Cost for two: INR 1350 (approx)

The French Loaf


The French Loaf Bakery has a number of outlets  in Kolkata serving yummy items like cupcakes, the  blueberry  cheese cake, apple pie, corn puff and chocolate éclairs. These combine to form a heavy meal. They do have selected fast food items which run well at the counter. They  manufacture loaves and are sell out on a daily basis.

Bread Types: Day breaker, Baguette Bun, Burger Bun, Mini Pizza Base White Bread,  Mini Pizza Base.

Where:  2/7 Elgin Road, Kolkata

Call: 033-40072239

Cost of two: INR 350 (approx)

Bread Bazaar


Bread Bazar is a paradise for the food lovers. It is an air conditioned, non vegetarian  place with home delivery options. People love to grab blueberry muffins, walnut brownies, Rye Bread, Fruit, Plain Loaves and more. It attracts more crowd because of its pocket friendly menu and keep serving throughout the day.

Bread Types: Burger Buns, Foccaccia, Whole Wheat, Sandwich Brown, Sandwiches.

Where: 375, Prince Anwar Shah Road, South City Mall, Jadavpur, Kolkata

Call: 90078942222

Cost for two: INR 100 (approx)

Kookie Jar


The ultimate shop for complete desserts and bakes attracts sweet tooth offering a wide menu to choose from. The bread loaves in different flavours are popularly sold out here along with some fast food items like puffs and patties.

Bread Types: Milk Loaf, Masala, Garlic, Cheese Masala, Buns and more

Where: Block-D, sector 1, ground floor, City Centre building, Kolkata.

Call: 033-23583353

Cost or two: INR 350 (approx)

Just Baked


Just Baked is a place opened by the renowned cookies house named Bisk Farm. The bakery has many outlets and all are hygienic. They maintain the places by properly cleaning them and keeping them dust free. Pasteries, Baked items in several forms are the speciality of this place. Bisk Farm products are available here and that goes without saying. Buns and Plain bread loaves are easily available for daily consumption.

Bread Types: Milk, Brown, Cheese Garlic, Sweet Bun

Where: 13B, Chittranjan Avenue, Kolkata

Call: 9230004706

Cost for two: INR 250 (approx)

Britannia Industries Limited


The name itself states that the bakery shop and cake shop belongs to Britannia Company. Other than the bakery Britannia products are easily available in mostly all the local shops. The age old company manufactures biscuits and cakes on a vast scale. The most commonly consumed items are Thinarrowroot biscuits and any flavoured sliced bread for sandwiches. Some product or the other is definitely found in most of the houses today.

Bread Types: Rusk, Atta Kulcha, Multi Grain, 100% Whole Wheat, Honey Oats, Multi Fibre 

Where: 5/1A, Hungerford Street, Kolkata

Call: 033-22872439

Nahoum and sons private limited Confectioners


A Jewish bakery famous for a variety of products made from bread. People love to order  Freshly baked Plum cakes, Fruit Cakes, Lemon Tarts, Chicken Puffs, Brownies and the list goes on. This place does not serve guests in the outlet and has take away provisions only.

Bread Types: Sandwich, Sandwich Unsliced, French, German, Garlic, etc.

Where: F20, Bertram Street, New Market Area, Kolkata.

Call: 9038169165

Cocoa Bakery


One of the favourite places of the people residing in New Alipore Area is Cocoa Bakery. The cafe has a variety of quick bites on the menu. It is famous for mud pie, brownies, macaroons, sandwiches and a big list. One can choose from the finest varieties of breads baked out here and get it home delivered via Swiggy.

Where: Block-A, 22N/1 New Alipore, Kolkata

Call: 9831107589

Cost for two: INR 500

Contributed By: Bhavna Karnani Killa.


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