Beshi Bhalo Are These Quirky E-Rickshaw Rides That Have Made Their Way Into Kolkata…

Rickshaw in the city of joy have been a saviour till the last mile of lanes and streets, now introducing these eco-friendly E-Rickshaw rides are surely going to change the trend. As technology is developing so are “rickshaw-walas” in Kolkata, from pedal-pushed vehicles to battery-operated ones. Their name is funky too, colloquially called “Toto”. Here is everything you need to know about them and also where to find them:



The retrofitted E-Rickshaws as you can see in the above image, comes with an accelerator, head-light, tail-light, indicators and even shock-absorbers, that would give you a cushioned ride. Some of them also have wind-shields and a cell phone charging port along with a battery charge level indicator. They come in a variety of quirky colours too and by using it the rickshaw-walas can earn much more in a day.

Where to find them…


They are seen to be operating in the streets and alleys of Kasba, Regent Park, Salt Lake and Nagerbazar areas, these retrofitted pedal rickshaws run on re-chargeable lead-acid batteries and sport several features that one usually finds in auto-rickshaws and cars. In the areas of Kasba New Market, almost three out of four cycle rickshaws have undergone the metamorphosis. Ditto with Nagerbazar. Also in Salt Lake, the ratio is even higher with four out of five now e-rickshaws.



These new inventions are giving rise to environmental conservation and taking the city towards sustainability. It provides both the passengers and the driver equal comfort, while the ride is in progress. It helps the rickshaw-walas and owners make more money than the pedal-pushed vehicles. Moreover, it is a great step towards humanity and harmony for people who used to sweat their man-power to carry our weight to the required destination. 

Anything Else


Now, Kolkata’s Fort William has adopted this mode of transportation inside the fort. Since, the sun seems to be merciless and often passengers face issues while walking, these Totos will completely solve the problem by giving them a complete tour of the fort. Moreover, the e-rickshaws will not affect the environment of Fort William and the surrounding while offering a Rs 2 ride anywhere inside the area. 

Isn’t it cool? Enjoy a ride and let us know your valuable feedback in the comments section below.


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