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Bagri Market Or Burra Bazaar…..’Ei Tulanaya Sasta Kichu!’

July 21, 2019

Bagri Market, one of the largest wholesale markets in India also called Burra Bazar in Kolkata, offers everything under the sky at discounted rates. There is nothing which you do not find here. The dirty, stinky and messy place which is crowded at any hour of the day is a hub for anything and everything needed. You name it and you get it. Although the market is unlike the typical malls in the city and has no provision for air conditioners, still the forever crazy crowd does not fail to shop here. Be it any month of the year and any season, this area is full of vendors, office goers, porters and of course the shopaholics. You have to see it to believe it!

The needed products may not be in display at the counter yet they have massive stock of each and everything. All you need to do is ask them where exactly would you find the particular stuff in your list..

The area

bagri market

The market lies in the area near burrabazar and has littered roads, clustered by lanes with shops which are keen to offer their products. Every nook and corner is occupied with shops and the streets witness buzzing all the year round. The alleys are crammed and over crowed with shop owners as well as buyers. The  public there on the road seems to be in a hurry forever and will take you along without you putting in much effort to move. Lost in the oc ean of all kinds of people you will have to swim your way through whatever space you can individually make. Finally reaching on to a shop you may ask tick your list for the products offered.

E-commerce portal fails

Bagri Market

The online shopping centres cannot just beat this market place in both variety and rates. It offers similar products and of the same quality at dirt cheap prices.

What do we buy here?

Bagri Market

This Marker surpasses all the malls in the city and lives on its own Swag. Whether it is the start of a new venture, a birthday or any other event, items of celebration, decoration, disposable plates, foil papers, containers, gifts and more, you will be sorted with the event at a go.

  • Birthday return gifts, items for distribution in school, stationary, cello tapes, chart papers and others, envelopes, rubber bands, thermocol sheets, school project related things, school bags, gift bags, umbrellas and everything related to the life of a school going child can be easily found here.
  • Toys of all kinds and for all ages are easily found. There are street vendors as well as shops which cater in all kinds of toys in different range. Stuff toys in all sizes, battery operated games, board games, fun toys for the early learners, educational toys for Montessori schools and more will keep you sorted while selecting the gifts.
Bagri Market
  • Essentials for all ages beginning from babies are easily found such as diapers, nappies, napkins, towels , baby cosmetics, cosmetics and toiletries for all, bathroom essentials, cleanliness utilities and all other home requirements.
  • Plastic items like huge storage boxes ,also in all the other sizes and for different purposes, buckets, tubs, tubes, swimming accessories, Tiffin, bottles, kids rockeries, microwave safe items and much more than can be quoted.
  • Electronic items like wires, bulbs, lamp shades and other fittings occupy a certain section of the market. Another lane caters stuff like bags, trolleys, suitcases, bag packs, travel bags, hand bags, accessories for bags, seat covers, shoes, meters of cloth can be purchased for any purpose. The repair and spare parts like buckle, zipper, puller, beet, thread for repair is also available for all the items mentioned.
  • There are even shops selling only broaches, buckles and belts. They even provide repair services for belts, shoes and bags.
bagri market
  • Items for stitching like vibrant shades of threads, laces, ribbons and buttons to beautify the garments are found here. One can purchase items in bulk for their shops as well for home use.
  • More to mention are Kitchen appliances, utensils, Cosmetics and brand products of Amway, Oriflame, avon, we also have medicines, injection needles, other medicinal tools, pan masala, chocolates, perfumes and scented liquids called ‘attar’, fly whisk with german silver handles used in Gurudwaras and temples, and the list is never ending.  There are many shops selling artificial jewellery and hair accessories, rubber bands, scarfs and more. As said earlier you name it and you  shall find it.

Is Haggling your cup of tea?

Bagri Market

Regardless or financial status generally people run after discounts and love to bargain till they are satisfied to their hearts content. At times buying the stuff at their bargained price or even dropping the idea to buy since the bargain is not as per their wish is a common factor in the mails with majority of the crowd.  Bagri market is the best suited place for such people who cannot shop without bargaining and discounts, where the already discounted products are bargained for.

Services Providers outside the market

Adding to the above it is commendable to find plumbers, masons, painters, cobblers who are ready to help with their services. They have their set teams and sit there to grab orders. Jokers and magician services are also offered in this market.

Porters – a blessing

bagri market

Once the shopping is complete and you do not know how to get back to your car with huge and heavy bags, it is then you may find a porter approaching you. The shopkeeper can help you call a porter to make your walk comfortable to your car.

The never ending buzz

bagri market

Crashing a deal to the level of satisfaction is the idea of the buyers out here and it creates a lot of  bargaining sounds. Noises of porters, traffic horns, the buzz never ends. There is always a space crunch as the buyers and sellers keep fighting for more space. People and cars are moving constantly and he shortage of space remains a normal problem which is accepted by all. This what Bagri market is all about, it is liked and accepted the way it is. Bagri market in any case experiences high level of footfall throughout the year keeping the market area crowded always. The maddening rush cannot be believed till one experiences it.

Drawback of the market

The major drawback is that car parking is not available unless you have your own parking in that office area, or you need to bribe the parking man for good and if your luck permits you might find a space for your car. The best would be to travel by metro and walk further down the lane.


The straight road on the Colonial street leads to the market. There are many entry points and people enter as per the list they carry to buy or by the convenience of parking their vehicle.

Where: 71, 700001, Bepin Behari Ganguly Street, Race Course, Kolkata