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May 11, 2020

Guest Blogger

The Drama Business- Famous Theatre Groups and Institutions In Kolkata

Kolkata is known to be the cultural capital of India and of course, home to a pool of talent with dab hands in films, drama, music, photography, advertising and what not.  Kolkata’s penchant for drama dates way back in the pre-independence era and is ever evolving since then. Enlisted below are a few institutions and […]

March 4, 2020

Guest Blogger

6 Best Schools to learn Indian Classical Music in Kolkata

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain…” Out of the many good reasons to love music, Bob Marley gave us another one. All of us are more or less music enthusiasts. But then there are some who likes to nurture their fervour by learning it from the professionals. Kolkata being […]

March 3, 2020

Guest Blogger

Ladies To The Rescue.. These Lady Taxi Drivers Offers 24*7 Service From The Airport

Safety is our utmost priority. We wish for the safety of our family and friends and ourselves. Now, we know Kolkata is crowned as the second safest city in India but that does not mean that we become lenient. People travel from the airport at almost every hour, be it late night or just at […]

March 2, 2020

Guest Blogger

Best Live Music Destinations in Kolkata

Delectable foods, premium Liquor, fresh ambiance and soothing music– These are the four things you look for, when you decide to dine out. Do you need anything more to make the moment special? Wait a minute, what if you get the pleasure of Live Music performance in front of your dinner table? What if it […]

March 2, 2020

Guest Blogger

Music Gems In The City- Oh These Oldest Music Stores In Kolkata!

Kolkata is known for the immense world of music. From the classical touch to latest pop culture, Kolkata has picked that all. The famous Rabindra Sangeet, however, took over more than the others. Nothing could ever replace the legend. In the olden times, we had this epic instrument called the Gramophone. It was a legend […]

February 25, 2020

Guest Blogger

Chandni Market In Kolkata Speaks Modern Shopping In The Historic City

With the ever evolving world of technology and our constant struggle to keep ourselves updated with the latest piece of tech and innovation that is available in the market, one can really get flummoxed by the choices that she has available. The question then arises that is all the tech and gadgetry worth the price […]

February 24, 2020

Guest Blogger

Get Set To Celebrate Holi At These Super Holi Events In Kolkata

It is that time of the year again!! The festival of fun, frolic and lots of masti is here! Holi Hai guys! the Festival of Colours is one of the most popular Hindu festivals celebrated across the country with so much excitement! Kolkata also celebrates Holi with fervour! We have got you a list of best […]

February 21, 2020

Guest Blogger

Wellington Market In Kolkata Is A Biker’s Dream Destination… Read On To Know Why

A biker dreams the dream and rides it! If you’re a sucker for bikes and love the mean machine getup, Kolkata has a renowned market that fulfils the dream of every two-wheeler owner, gender irrespective. You want to spruce up your two-wheeled ride? Add silencers, lights, LED, or jazz up your bike look with cool […]

February 20, 2020

Guest Blogger

Sultan Or Dangal? Kolkata Has Real Akhadas… With Real Pehelwans!

Kolkata, the rapidly growing metropolitan city has lots of interesting facts tagged to its name. Kushti, an age-old tradition and art that involves wrestling in the mud… think Sultan and Dangal… If you rooted for Salman Khan and Aamir Khan, well, in Kolkata you could get to do it in reality! It is a hard […]

February 19, 2020

Guest Blogger

Meow Baari- The 1st Cat Exclusive Boarding In Kolkata

Kolkata isn’t called the city of joy for nothing. The city holds and believes in celebrating every kind of joy and opportunity. Traditional, cultural…. yet the Kolkatans don’t hold back enthusiasm in taking initiatives. They have been at the helm of being starters for programs and services. Meow Baari is one such remarkable initiative taken […]

February 18, 2020

Guest Blogger

Kafan Gully In Kolkata Is An Unusual Place- Residence Of The Coffin Makers!

We know Kolkata is Food, music, culture, traditions, heritage, nature, education, art. Amongst all the alluring things that Kolkata has to offer that makes it so unusual and interesting, we stumbled across one such place- “Kafan gully”. Intriguing? We were as curious as you are and so a little bit of digging got us this… […]

February 17, 2020

Guest Blogger

Pet Cabs In Kolkata For Your Pooch… These People Are To Be Thanked!

Kolkata has, over the years, been considered the cultural capital of India. It is highly educational and commercial alongside being cultural. Arts, literature, theatre, are some of its many essence. Kolkata is one of the rapidly growing metropolitan cities. It is spreading wings in every aspect. Among all the growth, progress and niceties that Kolkata […]