Earth Day: What all you need to know!!

It isn’t always that the King of Pop Michael Jackson’s Earth Song reverberates in the mind and soul. Those beautiful and compassionate lyrics, “what about sunshine, what about rain, what about all the things that you said we were to gain” touch the heart and connote a symbolic bond between man and its domain of existence: Earth.

There’s this special connection with possibly the greatest song ever written about Mother Earth and the date April 22.

Earth-Day-eventToday being Earth day, mankind in its collective imagination of those who care about nature and those who lag behind is desperately fighting its way back toward sustaining a planet fraught by significant problems. The earth is in a bad shape. No two ways about it.

The earth is burning thanks to a collection of insurmountable problems that are threatening our very existence every passing second and don’t seem to be relenting: climate change, massive environmental degradation, the rising onslaught as caused by cutting down of trees and the seemingly uncontrollable air pollution.

The Earth Day, celebrated worldwide each year on April 22 is symbolic toward addressing mankind’s desperate fight-back to resuscitate the wilting condition of our most special planet; the giver of hope and the sustainer of all living beings.

Here’s a collection of some important facts concerning the Earth Day:

earth day 22nd aprilHow it all started

It all started way back in the year 1970 in the United States of America. In the said year, the USA was struggling to control a massive accidental oil spill that took place in Santa Monica, California.

This triggered major protests in America lined up against oil-spills, polluting factories, power plants, raw-sewage and toxic dumps.

The internal geo-political environment beckoned for a massive wakeup call in the form of a rise in the public conscience alerted by a call to action, to take necessary steps toward uniting people world-over and not just in the USA to fight back the lackadaisical attitude hitherto responsible for putting the planet in a bad shape.

Often in the events of colossal magnitude such as this, the thought leader who sparks the much needed change is often forgotten but it wasn’t to be for Earth Day. It’s founder and proponent, Gaylord Nelson, a US Senator from Wisconsin, who passed away recently at age 89 is widely regarded as the creator of this massive world-renowned movement.

What does Earth day connote?

Now into the 46th year of its celebration and observed by as many as 193 countries of the world, this worldwide movement is broadly focused toward rectifying the ignorance and lack of any mindful action taken toward environmental protection.

It is the largest recognized form of environmental movement observed around the world, focused at channelizing human energy toward environmental issues impacting our earth.

It can be said, therefore, that the Earth Day seeks maximum cooperation from people, regardless of age, color and creed toward coming together to rescue earth from a strata of environmental problems that have hampered its DNA.

Some of these have come about naturally as a natural course of change that Earth has witnessed over the years but largely from the negative impact of the carelessness and ignorant nature of people who have thwarted this paradise under the skies.

What can possibly be done to take corrective measure on Earth Day?

Saving the earth is far more easy and plausible than the given manifestation of the problems that have plagued the planet.

A collection of simple, everyday steps taken toward extending Earth’s lifecycle and sustenance is the heeling balm that can correct it all.

You and I can follow a set of simple steps taken in the wake of environmental consciousness to do our bit toward saving Earth, such as:earth-day-clip-art

Planting of Trees: emphasize on the need to create a green revolution. Trees, quite simply, reverse the impact of land degradation and are important for environmental sustainability.

Carry a jute bag or tote bag: avoid using plastics. They are the villains cutting short of our hero: the Earth

Avoid polluting or cut down on your fuel consumption: Across the world, more and more people have taken to cycling, either for work or for other needs. Once the fuel-consumption is minimized, the Earth can stop breathing from the ventilator.

Carry a reusable water bottle: Reusability is in for cutting down the excesses of waste disposal

Go paperless: Many have started this trend of avoiding papers that are created out of cutting down trees. In hindsight, recycled paper is in big time.

Before it is late and too late rather for us to join chorus, time may be just right to stand up and take control. You save the Earth and you save not just the 5 biomes that are breeding grounds of life: Tundra, Aquatic, Deserts, Forests and Grasslands but, heal a planet from going down the drain. Save Earth. Save Life.



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