A – Z of Indian Weddings

Let’s check out / explore the A-Z of Indian Weddings through the The Great Indian Wedding Dictionary.

wedding india

Now that the wedding season is in full swing across all states of the country, there’s only one thing apart from the food (obviously) which is on the people’s minds – it’s officially partaaaay time!

India’s cultural heritage and beliefs makes it possible for weddings here, to be of a vast variety and exclusively innovative. With that fact aside, there is a definite reason for these occasions to be called “great” in the first place. Weddings are larger than life affairs that call for months of planning, coordination and tinkering. All of which can leave you overwhelmed!

Like always, we here at What’s Up Life have your back and have compiled a wedding dictionary – complete with everything you need to know about an Indian…oops, about a GREAT Indian wedding!

Take a look !

A – Ambience

indian wedding ceremony decor set upWhen it comes to ambience, it all depends on the occasion – sangeet,dinner or reception. Setup of the ambience completely depends on that particular occasion. While a recent survey has revealed that flashy décor works well for the sangeet while a classy & minimalistic ambience sets the tone for the reception or dinner.

B – Budget

indian wedding

Small or big, it doesn’t actually matter that much until the knot is tied, but whatever it is you should always fix a budget buffer in mind and proceed accordingly.

C – Ceremony

indian wedding

What will perhaps be the most serious day of your life should be planned out well in advance and in such a way that it doesn’t exhaust you or your guests out. If your intentions are to have two ceremonies, then it would be a safer bet to pace them out or combine the two ceremonies for two or more functions.

D – Destination

indian wedding
If there was ever a critical decision that needed to be made for ones wedding, it had to be about the destination. Tying the knot isn’t something which happens everyday, so remember to choose a marriage destination which will, simply put be breathtaking.

 E – Entertainment

indian wedding
You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to fixing some entertainment options for your big day. From having an in-house Dj for your reception to having classical musicians grace the stage on your ceremony day, there are a host of options for you to explore.

 F – Family

indian wedding
Come on! Isn’t it obvious? This will be one of those rare days when you’ll be aware of your entire family’s existence…even those you never knew did exist.

G – Guest list / Gifts

wedding gifts

Plan your guest list keeping in mind the budget, primarily and also other factors like location, closeness to the family et al. Oh and gifts! After it’s all said and done, and long before you’ll be gone for your honeymoon, you’ll be in for a ride with the countless gifts you have to unwrap!

H – Honeymoon

indian wedding
Well, this doesn’t need much explanation. You should just be hoping that your newly crowned hubby takes you on a trip that will be hard for you to forget!

I – Invitation

indian wedding

Your wedding invitation sets the tone of your wedding.

 J – Jewellery

indian wedding
For the bride, it’s always a tedious task to pick out the jewellery before the outfit is chosen.

K – Kids

indian wedding
Create a separate play area or a crèche for the kids attending your wedding. Also, ensure that the menu offers kid-friendly food.

L – Legal

indian wedding
Make sure the wedding is registered well in advance as it helps in procuring visas if you’re travelling abroad for your honeymoon.

M – Mehendi

indian wedding
Quit simply, an Indian wedding without mehendi will be like Star Wars without Yoda.

N – Negotiation

indian wedding
You’ll have to negotiate with all the vendors and personnel involved in the execution of your wedding plans.

O – Organize
Social obligations leading up to the wedding, the wedding in itself, financial planning and setting up of your new lifestyle as a couple are some of the aspects that demand your attention.

P – Photographer

indian wedding
A large team or multiple teams of photographers should not be assigned the task. Rather two or three specialized wedding photographers should do the trick perfectly.

 Q – Questions and Quality time
You will indefinitely be asked a crazy number of questions by your friends and family right until your wedding day. But through it all, it’s assured to be a quality time…something which will feel completely different once you’re happily married.

R – RSVPwedding india

This has such importance as it helps in estimating the tentative turn-up of guests that will attend the event.

S – Sarees and singing

indian wedding
Almost every woman you see around you on that particular day will be in a saree.
As far as the singing goes, it doesn’t matter if one can sing is a melodious tone or if one sounds like a walrus…everyone is gonna’ chip in.

T – Tired
Oh yes! You’ll be tired in more ways than you can imagine after it’s all done and the guests have gone home.

U – Unwind
Be it an early morning run, a yoga session or a sleepover at your friend’s place, take the time to unwind and recharge.

V – Venue
Depending on whatever you desire your wedding to be like and also on the venue permissions, the best from the lot should be chosen.

W – Wedding Planner
If your budget allows you, then it is always suggested to avail the services of a wedding planner to have a hassle free program.

X – Xtras
No two weddings are similar, so make sure there is something “xtra” present at yours!


Couple holding hands

Remember this is your big day, and the memories you make will be for you and your spouce to cherish. So, don’t lose sight of your vision for the day.

Z – Zero regrets
Like the personal plunge you’re about to take, make sure to savour every moment with no regrets.


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