Parents Are You Listening? Now Your Four Year Old Kid Can Take Part In A Football League

The month long FIFA World Cup was an affair which is surely going to be etched in the heart of football fans for a long time. Talk about it’s impact on Indians and the future of Indian football? All India Football Federation (AIFF) has already come up with a league which is surely going to surprise everyone. No sir! AIFF has no plans to start a league similar to that of ISL. Instead, the Baby Football League has made its way in India and is a football competition for ages in between 4-13 years old.

Although, a pilot league was started in Mumbai and Pune last year, the First Edition of Meghalaya Baby League has gained much attention and popularity in the past couple of days. The Baby League has 12 teams, names representing their schools, locality and institutions. The matches in this league are comparatively shorter- each half of 10 minutes for the younger age groups while teenagers compete against each other for a time duration of 25 minutes per half. The Baby League goes on for a period of six months and each team plays forty games in a season.

On every Saturday and school holidays not only are the kids in full swing, dressed in colours of their favourite football teams,battling against each other,but also, parents who leave no opportunity to ensure that they are making memories and recording every single action on the football pitch. In an era where kids are hooked onto their mobile screens, this is an initiative which is going to go a long way. Not only this, the league believes in equality and that is the reason why it’s mandatory for a team to register at least 10% of the female players.

This initiative is not only giving the young lads from Shillong a competitive ground to showcase their talent but also ensuring that India has a bright future in football. Later this month even Bangalore and Orrisa are planning to come up with The Baby Football League .The Football World Cup might have surely ended but this football league is a new dawn in the timeline of Indian Football.


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