Khichdi Or No Khichdi?

Watching the news flashing all over social  media…”Khichdi to be declared as the National food of India”, did in all honesty amuse and exasperate me, in equal measures. My only memories of this simplest Indian concoction is, of it being served to me as an antidote for an upset bowel movement and my aversion to it. So, my perplexity at the dish being touted as the National dish, was well, expected.


My respect for khichdi recently emerged with factual torch being shone on me that Khichdi has connotations in  Sanskrit, derived from the word Khiccha, it was a key part of Ayurvedic diet and was  served as Bhog to the Gods. The dish almost elevated to the status of the  ”Sanskaari” food tor the soul, that remained virtuous and untouched by varied preferences and tastes. By virtue of it being popular across the different economic sections, it may be a strong contender for the National Food honour.


Never has this humble dish made such a clamour. The spate of tweets and posts on the social media have caught fire too. Some going as far as trolling that khichdi would demand a standing salute in tandem with the National Anthem or be forced down our throats in the name of religion and culture….Whether or not it will entail all the hue and cry in the days to come awaits to be seen, but notwithstanding that, it managed to evoke a kind of underlying realisation of its presence!

Khichdi makes World Record at World Food India event

So as not to make a Khichdi out of Khichdi, the fact is that it is not being conferred the Natonal Food of India status. Timely clarified by Harsimrat Kaur, Union Minister of Food processing Industries. The underdog made a World record with 800 kilograms of it been cooked at the World Food India event on the 4th of November, and announced as the Brand India Food,  in the presence of top Indian chefs including Sanjeev Kapoor.  From being a non-entitative dish to a record making surprise star, the dish finally gets its due.

National Food or not, Khichdi has one proven its worth as the one  pot solution for nutrition,  Jai Khichdi i!


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