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Spot A Keralite? These Typical Kerala Traits Are Unmistakable!

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February 17, 2020

It adds to your character, the place where you belong. Though there are way too many myths about this but some traits tend to be a mutual observation in many people. NO! These traits are not listed or stated somewhere and not even a 100% guarantee that they will be true, but through observation and people's experience through the years it has created a buzz. Punjabis are said to have a giving spirit and are loud, Bengalis are said to be just eating rice and fish and so on. Similarly Keralites are also next in the list. Here are some traits that you may spot in almost every person from Kerala (exceptions being there).

Simplicity And Originality

Yes, these factors may be present everywhere but Keralites wins it from our side on this, as almost everyone in Kerala tends to lead a simple lifestyle no matter how much money they make and trust me they have a lot of money. They prefer going out in a lungi or a mundu, eating on a leaf plate and preferably sitting down on floor for their meals. You maybe able to afford a a white pearl dining table but their preferences will remain the same. Coming on originality, we may say they have a creative mindset giving just the emergence of Kathakali and how its done is just commendable.

Highly Educated

Needless to say as google says itself that the Highest Literacy rate is in Kerala itself. Maximum people have the ability to read and write. To a point just the need to be able to read and write is not enough. Keralite's education even affects their mind set which is why they are (in comparison) more Liberal, Broad-minded, Cosmopolitan and Secular. This is a very positive sign not just for an individual but the for the society as a whole.

Love For Food

Love for 'food' maybe a broader term as it is difficult to find a Keralite with a Tandoori chicken leg piece in hand. But what you may always see on their dining tables are Coconuts and Fish. We don't say that only this is their meal but surely you will see certain elements and maybe in every course of meal. Other than that, we know how strong are Idli-Sambar's roots in Kerala. It is well said that a Keralite will not be happy until you serve 10 chutneys with their dosa, and we don't blame them.

Obsession With Gold

What is this connection with Kerala people and gold? We all have seen those memes which are made out of a marriage in Kerala. What makes the people so obsessed with gold is the fact that Europeans used to exchange gold with Kerala for their spices as they were so authentic and flavourful. Hence it has a connection from the past and we can say that people have maintained the connection very nicely. It is a matter of pride for them and also, being knowledgeable, Keralites know the good returns on investing on Gold.

Football Fans

People now recognise Kerala as a population full of football lovers. The Malabar region of Kerala is one of the best places for football in the country. The history of Malabar is has past connections with football and the people of this region adore the beautiful game. Kerala loves football like other Indians love cricket. They organise many local football tournaments and a large number of crowd enjoy the game that the players feel more motivated to play. In every year Kerala produce a National Football player which is a perfect example of Kerala's football love.

Adore Elephants

Everybody loves these giant creatures but Kerala is 3 steps ahead of us. Kerala is the only place which has 550+ domestic elephants which are owned and taken care by temples. Kerala has a low-key love affair with these elephants. They have temples completely dedicated to Elephants. So much so that there is a 'Musth period' where the elephants are far more aggressive and their hormones shoot up, in this duration, they are given give special care and attention called "Sukha Chikitsa". Going out of the way to help out these animals is what we call pure love.

It is good to be characterised as a whole. These are some traits which are mutual. Other than this, every person has a nature of its own.

Contributed By- Arshia Kochar



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