Where The Devils Cross Your Path: Kerala’s Haunted Spots

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Footsteps in empty rooms, strange knocking at the door, lights in unoccupied parts of the building, slamming shutters, locking and unlocking doors and apparitions, it is surprising that spooky tales still survive in Kerala.  A mention of Kerala conjures images of peaceful backwaters, verdant hillocks, delicious south Indian dishes and colorful vigorous festivals. The very same state is dotted with haunted places and deserted houses which come with encounters with the unknown.

These haunted places seem top give you goosebumps:-

Bonacaud Bunglow

Built during the British Era, Bonacaud Bunglow is a ramshackle mansion haunted by supernatural activities. Located in the Bonacaud region in Trivandrum, it overlooks the Agasthya Mountain Ranges along with lush plantations. The spooky story goes that on one fateful night the young children of the owner died under mysterious circumstances. The couple went to London never to return, but they left something behind. And from then on people have reported the frequent wandering of a young spirit in the mansion.

Spooky Stuff: It is claimed, the sound of the breaking glass and screaming of a child can be heard during midnight.


This one is based on experiences of people taking the Kariavottam campus road from Technopark back gate. It is said that there is a pond in its vicinity named after the girl who committed suicide in it, Hymavathi pond. People have felt the presence of supernatural powers around the Hymavathi pond in the Kariavottam complex making it one of the most mysterious places in the region.

Spooky Stuff: Movements of a figure twice the size of human beings covered in a blanket have been noticed. It just walks, sometimes ahead and at times, it follows.

Lakkidi Gateway

The lore goes that during Colonial Era, a local with the name Karinthandan assisted this British Engineer to locate Lakkidi. In order to take credit for the discovery, the engineer apparently killed Karinthandan. From there on, travelers passing the new route reported the wandering of the soul of Karinthandan. A priest was called, and a cleansing ritual took place. He didn’t completely eradicate the spirit but bound it to a tree. It is believed that the spirit of Karinthandan revolves around the tree. Situated in the Wayanad district of Kerala, Lakkidi Gateway is the shortest route to cross over the Thamarassery pass and this discovery is now the seat of paranormal activities.

Spooky Stuff: Trespassers have witnessed frightening shrieks and screams at night.

Trichur Forest

Nature Lovers and Sports enthusiasts find he beautiful green forest around Trichur to be an absolute heaven,but only during the daytime. After sundown, there have been cases of campers hearing a mysterious voice believed to be of a child. There have also been sightings of what appeared as a boy’s ghost. It is one of the best places to sleep under the stars, burn wood and eat marshmallows in Kerala but can you imagine, being alone in the forest at night with this boy staring at you! The spirit disappears in the morning, leaving the place a paradise for backpackers.

Spooky Stuff: The ghost of a seven-year-old boy who died in this forest is seen to be continuously staring in the blank but doesn’t harm anyone. 

Vaduthala Mathai

The Perandoor Canal, the arterial waterway that flowed close by, was not the narrow, slush-filled one that we see today. This place was the haunt of a notorious rowdy, Vaduthala Mathai. The guy abused a young woman who complained to the local Lord Raja Edappally. And the sentenced was accused to be hanged to death. The execution was done across the culvert near the canal, and since that day, people have experienced unexplained mysterious activities. These encounters led to the occult of the ghost of Mathai lingering the place. The story has such a strong hold that the native fishermen make offerings to the spirit before going to work.

Spooky Stuff: It is believed that Mathai’s ghost used to frequent this spot. Many feared going there after dark and even walking along the rail track.

Sabarimala Temple

The profound pilgrim centre of South India, Sabarimala Temple bears haunted accounts. Even though it’s debatable, legend has it that once Lord Ayyappa defeated an evil creature here during 14th of January. It is said that till date, he tries to enter the temple every year on February 14 and Lord Ayyappa defeats him in a battle which ends with a flash in the sky. The most revered worship house in Kerala has supernatural strings attached.

Spooky Stuff: Commoners claim to witness this flash every year as a sign of the victory of good over evil.

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