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April 28, 2020

Guest Blogger

No Sweat Finding The Best Butter Chicken… Kerala ‘Estyle’

It is tough to live on South Indian food for a long time with the same flavours and idli and sambar, a kick of North Indian spices and some chicken is a must. Making Butter Chicken is somewhat an art of a chef to regulate its ingredients and make sure it’s not too sweet or […]

March 14, 2020

Guest Blogger

Got An Occasion? Here Are Some Cake Delivery Options During Lockdown

In today’s world everyone is so busy that going out to buy a gift is a pain. But you cannot miss to gift because a gift is a perfect way to tell someone how much you love them, care for them, want to make them happy, want them to have all that they want, and so many […]

March 3, 2020

Guest Blogger

Namaskaram In Kerala, For A Day In The City

God’s Own Country of Kerala is a much sought after tourist destination of India. Kerala is not only known for its hill stations, backwaters and the scenic beauty but also for its beaches. Why waste your time in Goa when Kerala is here. Here is what you can do in Kerala for an Entire Day. It’s not a lot […]

February 25, 2020

Guest Blogger

Here Is The World’s First Marine Cemetery In Kozhikode, Kerala

When we think of a large burial ground, we think of it for humans. Kerala has been a little different from every other city since a long time now. Kerala has built the first marine cemetery in the entire world and thats a biggie. Reason owing just to the fact about raising awareness regarding water […]

February 17, 2020

Guest Blogger

Spot A Keralite? These Typical Kerala Traits Are Unmistakable!

It adds to your character, the place where you belong. Though there are way too many myths about this but some traits tend to be a mutual observation in many people. NO! These traits are not listed or stated somewhere and not even a 100% guarantee that they will be true, but through observation and […]

February 14, 2020

Guest Blogger

In Kerala? Here Are The Best Places To Watch Kathakali Shows

If you are a digger for heritage and culture, then Kathakali is the way to go. Kathakali is a classical dance form of Kerala which over the years have actually become an icon of Kerala, a symbol which represents Kerala in its glory. Exaggerated makeups, Bright colorful costumes and a very specific way and movements […]

February 14, 2020

Guest Blogger

Interesting Facts About Kerala Which You Might Not Know

Do you like coconuts ? Do you like how a coconut tree looks? Well look no further, Kerala is known to be the ‘Land Of Coconuts’. The name says for itself as in Malyalam ‘Kerala’ means Keram which are coconuts. You get greenery, you get flavoursome food, you get a lot of history, you get […]

February 12, 2020

Guest Blogger

Best Places To Buy Authentic Kanjivaram Sarees In Kerala- Saree Love!

Kerala, known as god’s own city has hit the mark for nature and beauty. You get to know about the beauty of environment once you are in Kerala. It is diverse and just makes our heart happy. Similarly, the people of Kerala are as diverse, especially their women. They are filled with their traditions and […]

January 28, 2020

Guest Blogger

Exquisite One Day Trips From Kerala… Planning Yet?

Kerala, God’s own country, and one of the ten “Paradise of the world” as we know it is full of beautiful surprises. There is no end to its beauty, the energy, and soul enrichment it gives to an individual. And being the home to indefinite flora and fauna which enhances its wonder and there is […]

January 15, 2020

Guest Blogger

Camp Away From The Crowd In Kerala At These Sites

Planning to go somewhere but don’t know where and what to do? Need a weekend getaway in some quiet and peace? How about picking up your back pack and going for camping, detox amidst the beautiful nature with fresh air, refreshing breeze, falling asleep under the sky and waking up to the chirping of the […]

January 7, 2020

Guest Blogger

These Are The Must Visit Historical Places In Kerala

Kerala “God’s own country” as we know it is a land of rich culture, overwhelming beauty and spiritual aura surrounding it. With it’s breathtaking greenery it has been named one of the paradises of the world. The elegant Kathakali dance form, soul enriching Ayurveda, and literacy peaking to great heights are not the only highlights […]

December 30, 2019

Guest Blogger

Get Hooked Up Alongside Waves Of Love At These Beachside Wedding Venues In Kerala

Kerala is a beautiful spot for weddings with serene beaches and backwaters and a place  with artistic views bringing us close to nature and earth. Beach weddings have become a thing now and people plan to have a wedding not the usual way but the one that is epic and with a touch of excitement. […]