Kate Moss: the rebel with a different pose

In a world that runs on the parallel forces of statistics and business and seldom in isolation of the two, Kate Moss is a unique adjective of beauty defining that world.  Adjective, since hers is not just any other embrace of style in the clutter one finds around and unique for possessing a silently hedonistic mind.


You don’t need to interview her to know that she couldn’t care less about the sobriquets and labels she’s branded with by the media without ever denouncing those vocally.

The road to excess – Kate Moss

It must be said, in Kate Moss’s world the fun never stops, provided your power of imagination takes you ahead of the obvious three letter synonym for fun, as depicted in our times. There’s this incessant madness in being a globe-trotting superstar that comes with a penchant to do the outrageous, a monotony that sets in easily whilst doing the routine amidst atmospherics that can easily tread you toward the road of excess, as you attempt to expand the envelope of creativity.



And yet, despite finding her pretty face sizzle on over 300 magazines, some of which raise the bar of ‘oomph’ with delightful customary ease, over the course of a 25 year old modeling career where she has done it all; modeled for top ranking fashion and lifestyle brands such as Burberry, Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and many more, been reported and labeled as ‘bad influence’ for her intrepid romance with both- recreational drugs and Pete Doherty- Kate Moss isn’t done yet. And may never be so, despite being past her prime modeling years.


That little girl who grew wise and strong


Yeah, in an industry where vital stats account for pretty much everything, the Croydon born Greater Londoner is 43.

They say 40 is the new 20. Increasingly, we are also getting to hear about Orange being the new Black. That said, with Moss’ palate of style, élan and glamour, one that has even thrown in that occasional shade of grey ( her ugly flings with Cocaine), has shown a certain verve of audacity and grit as one would expect from a diva of her stature. In 2007, 29 years after being discovered by the Storm modeling agency as a nobody who had just returned from Bahamas at the JFK airport, Kate Moss launched her own collection in UK’s popular Topshop, a renowned multi-brand fashion retailer.

kate moss pics

With her first collection snowballing into massive sales beyond “Her Majesty’s Kingdom”, creating ripples among fans set apart only by geography but united in their love for Moss, not many recollect that this wasn’t the only highlight for Kate in 2007.


Making heads turn, the Forbes way

That same year, she was declared by Forbes as the second highest earning model, following Brazilian, Gisele Bundchen, 8 years her junior.



But, it won’t be exactly correct to think that it is fame that binds Kate Moss to the person that she leaves in front of the million shutterbugs, from around the world. After all, the likes of Calvin Klein, supermodel Naomi  Campbell, Mario Sorenti, ace fashion photographer from Italy and many more- have already lavished tons of praise on the 5 feet 7 fashion icon.


Partly rugged, not for her looks but for that ‘care a darn’ attitude about a media that changes its darlings every Monday, so to speak, Kate Moss’s legendary success despite her terrible mood swings and that bratty attitude for which she’s been chided a few times owes its longevity to the woman’s bond with authenticity.


The purists would appreciate that not all that seems sugar-coated or served deliberately with less spice can walk the last mile of cultural milieu. This couldn’t be truer for media-hungry audiences today, who won’t consume just about anything that is served to them just because it seems picture perfect on that hand-held device. The truth about 21st century is one where our understanding of ‘heroes’ or an ‘icon’ and them being around aplenty rests in their ability to constantly either re-invent themselves or in their talent to be seen and heard without screaming for attention.


Not your ideal, ‘good girl’ diva


And, it is thanks to her natural distancing from ‘the best girl around’ attitude that Kate Moss has been able capture public imagination. Not just that, she’s even reinforced it with her often , silly, funny and partly bo-ho but, surely authentic actions that reflect in everything that she does, be it decking up in all gloss for a party as only she can or voicing her support for a cause she believes in.

To those who often think that social media is the chosen voice of expression for everyone barring Lord Buddha or Lao Tzu, Kate, an avid supporter of War Child, Cancer Research UK, Elton John AIDS Foundation among the few without announcing them on any social media platform.


Legacies can be created; where’s the party at



From arriving on the big bad fashion world at age 16, when her first shots appeared on The Face (styled by Tony Briggs) to nearly outdoing other established models of the class of Elle McPherson, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, known for sporting fuller figures whilst sporting a hot but slender frame, Kate Moss has done it all- single handedly brought up a daughter, Lila Grace, been spun into multi-million dollar ad campaigns from France, USA, UK and Italy, and even denounced from some and what not- like a boss.

Then, earning material bearings like being on the Forbes list continuously since 2007 to also being voted as a more popular figure in the UK, over and above the mighty David Cameron hold lesser gratification in front of the charm of party hopping whilst engaging in casual banter with friends.

Who cares where the party is and when it gets over? It only gets insane when the icon arrives.




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