The First Ever Silent Disco Party … Its Happening In Kasol!!

A Silent Disco Party!…What is a disco party without noise? Yes, its happening in Kasol from 22nd December till 26th December, and its happening for the very first time! Introducing to you, the KASOL SILENT DISCO FESTIVAL : FIRST EVER HEADPHONE PARTY IN KASOL.

Silence…There’s Music!

kasol silent disco festival

No more waiting endlessly for your favourite number to be played by the DJ…now dance away the night to your personally chosen type of music. Just tune in to any one of the 3 different sets according to your taste and have a party of your own!  Carry your headphones and get jiving to your list of songs! Doesn’t get better than that, right? Well, it does…And that, without having to bear the brunt of the angry glares from the non-participants or interruptions.
kasol silent disco festival
How would you like it if your night of fun wasn’t obstructed by the time limitations imposed on loud music…and yeas, the knocks from the cops to end your party in a damn squib? The Silent Disco Party will ensure that you have your unrestricted bit of fun.

The Hills Are Alive…With The Sound Of Music

kasol silent disco festival

 What sets this unusual party apart from any party you may have been to, is…that its happening in the midst of the gorgeous hills of Kasol. This three day trip to Kasol has been organised by TravAmigo. Let’s break the usual Christmas celebration monotony and head to the hills for something super exciting.

Party and…More!

kasol silent disco festival

A very cost-effective trip to the hills, with dancing, camping, trekking and bonfire to make the most of your entire memorable trip. You also get to explore the warm adorable cafes up there, serving some delicious grubs. Plus a trek to Katagla guys! Isn’t that awesome? You can sign up for Chalal and Chooj nature walks,  and head to Manikaran and explore the Kasol market.
 And anyway, basic night life is just as it is… BASIC. Come to  Silent Disco festival instead, and ensure yourself a kickass experience!

Head to Kasol, Parvati Valley, Himachal Pradesh, India

 Date: 23rd – 25th December

 Cost: INR 5999/- per person

Call Travamigo at 9910777790


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