Yes! I’m A Woman! Judge Me Not!

In this well developed country, we all talk a lot of Gender equality, Female empowerment and Female education. We all are fighting through words against male domination. But is it achieving any result? Still we ladies are not considered as “equal” as men. If we talk about today’s housewives we could get lot of examples. In this so called modern country with full of orthodox families, Housewives are becoming victims of the concept of “equality and non-equality”.

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When the topic of work comes up, being a housewife I love to say that work makes me feel that I have my own life. It feels good to get independence. It makes me feel better when I am utilizing my own time doing something I like to do. I do not want to get into any argument of being equal to my husband or not. In fact all the Housewives out there should take it positively as they are supporting their husbands to run the family. Being a housewife is not regressive, if its a choice.

To be at home and bring up children is a traditional ritual that I was told to follow by my husband and in-laws. Yes, somehow I agree with it as a woman play many roles in her life being a daughter, sister, wife, daughter-in law and a mother. So, my family is the most important part of my life. As well as I had to go through a long way to make them understand that my work is also an important part of my identity. But with the changing mindsets of men that he too must help in housework, has led to vast change in the way a working woman is percieved.

working woman

Since, going out to work is seen very lowly in some societies, the idea of working from home is a big slap to them. The old image of a homemaker is changing day by day. After all we are proving ourselves well active not only at home, but also meeting the deadlines. If we are working at home to keep our family out of problems,to prepare good food for them,to keep clean our home then what’s the problem in being another helping hand for our husband to run the family and to support financially by earning money? Why should always a wife be called a housewife when “working wife” suits more on them? In future if I am  judged again being a “working wife” I would raise these questions. Would you?


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