Wedding of The Century – Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal

This year seems to be the year for the famous and the riches to get married. From DeepVeer to NickYank, all these weddings have been a big affair and had kept the entire world glued to the social media and why not, there was so much to anticipate in these weddings. The biggest stars getting married in the most phenomenal manner. I mean when Deepika and Ranveer published their dreamy wedding pictures and when Priyanka wore that Ralph Lauren dress (apparently he has made only 3 wedding gowns till now and all for family) with a 75 feet veil, it made us believe that there can be nothing that can surpass this over the top affair. But Isha Ambani’s wedding has made all these other celebrities wedding seem like a tiny-meeny affair and has made us feel like a complete gareeb.

Here’s looking at the highlights of this TRULY BIG FAAAAAAAT GUJJU WEDDING.


The Engagement

Isha Ambani's wedding

In the times when people are making Lake Como their wedding destination, Isha Ambani chose the stunning location for her engagement venue calling in many bollywood celebrities. The engagement was designed and conceptualized by Italian luxury fashion house Dolce & Gabbana.


The Wedding Card

Isha Ambani's wedding

The wedding card of Isha Ambani got a lot of attention and people took it to twitter to give their views. Some people loved and some hated it but no one was able to ignore it. In the budget in which we book out photographer, make up artist and buy one outfit, all combined, Isha Ambani’s card alone is worth 2 Lakhs each. It was more of a box than a card and consisted of a hand written note from the bride-to-be and gold plated gifts.


The Sangeet

Isha Ambani's wedding

Sangeet is basically an event where in both the sides of the family prepare 3-4 dance performances. So here’s how sangeet happens, or at least how we thought but for the only daughter of India’s richest, the sangeet happened all the way in Udaipur. JUST THE FREAKIN SANGEET.


Fleet of Luxury cars and Chattered Planes at their disposal

Isha Ambani's wedding

Well, since there were a lot of people who attended this function in Udaipur, there were 40 to 45 chartered planes to fly in the guests. There were also expensive cars like Porche, BMW, Jaguars and mercedes that were used to pick up and drop the guests from one location to the other.


Vistara Special Flights

Now, since there are very less to no flights to Udaipur from Mumbai, Vistara recently tweeted that there are special flights between Delhi, Udaipur and Mumbai for the dates 7th, 8th and 9th December. And yes you guessed it right, all for this particular event.


Sangeet Performances

Isha Ambani's wedding

There are weddings where the two sides of the families perform at the wedding. There are the ones where people call bollywood celebrities to perform for their wedding. And then there are Ambani’s who dance in the front and make the Khan’s and other bollywood big names to dance in the background.  Of course the biggies of bollywood were dancing as the background dancers, after all it was BEYONCE who came to perform for the sangeet. Another ‘OMG’ moment was HILLARY CLINTON dancing to punjabi beats.


The Wedding

Though the wedding is just 48 hours away, we can’t stop ourselves from thinking what all is going to happen in the wedding of the century. A lil birdie tells us that Taylor Swift is going to perform at their wedding.  *faint*


We won’t be surprised if the Ambani’s  shower loose diamonds than coins during their daughter’s bidaai.



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