5 Ways to Thank Your Dad This Father’s Day

June 15, 2017

A father’s contribution to an individual’s life is ineffable. From the time we existed only as an idea in their minds to the time we moved out of their house, a father play a very strong role as shaping how an individual turns out to be. While mothers are expected to be the generous one, fathers on the other hands are firm disciplinarians, who teach out some important life lessons the hard way. From helping us to ride our first bicycles to guiding us in troubled times in relationships and work hassles, truly the relationship between a father and their kid is the most special one and hence even Father Day on 19th June every year deserves to be treated with utmost zest, frolic and sincerity. If you too are on the look out to give the ultimate surprise to your father on this day, then read on as we list down for you 5 Ways to Thank Your Dad This HowFather’s Day.

Write a poem

Now you need not be a William Wordsworth with your words but a heartfelt message penned down for your dad thanking him for everything would mean the world to him. Just put your thoughts on paper first and then start with formulating the lines. You will soon find out that writing something isn’t that difficult if you truly are passionate about what you are trying to convey.

Plan a get together with all your friends

What we sometimes often mistake for being too indulging is actually the fear of our fathers that we have not swayed away in the wrong company. Plan a get together with all your friends and their father’s this year, introduce them to each other. Your father wants nothing more than to be a part of your life.  

Keep it Simple-Do something together that he enjoys

More than a fancy gift or a lavish lunch what your father would really cherish is your company in the ordinary things that he likes to do. You both can go out for a golf game or a musical performance or even watch his favorite movie at home.  

Open yourself up to them

As we grow up and the real challenges of life start to envelop us it is a common tendency that we stop sharing everything with our parents. Sadly, at most occasions this secret behavior from our side ends up making them feel unwanted and invaluable. However, as much as we can deny it no one can advise us better than our fathers, just open up to them this father’s day and discuss with them issues that concern you. Go for a transformational phase in your relationship where both of you are friends.

Promise to be in touch and actually live up to that promise

Yes, we get busy with our lives and our own families over the years but no one is ever so busy to make a phone call. Just ask your father about their day and share with them about yours, make it a daily process and this is the best way you can celebrate father’s day this year and keep the spirit of it alive forever.  

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