Bored with same old routine breakfast? Try these 7 innovative munching feasts

Morning. Bright sunshine. The pleasant wee hours. That lucidity of examining the newspaper in the bright embers of the sunrise and proceeding for a hot cuppa tea! And what follows next? The breakfast, of course. For most of us, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.


It connotes an emotive touch instead of being singularly about food and food alone. The breakfast is perhaps the most pleasant and fascinating interchange of ideas, friendly, banter and whatnot over food. Before we break for the day and head for our respective duties- whether job, entrepreneurship or home-making, breakfast allows time to communicate and play catch up. So it’s all the more rational to have something so special and exciting that it makes the day.

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And that our breakfast meals be not the same, routine, boring, dull run of the mill meals that we’ve been having since the Jurassic age-  such as the sunny side up, cheese and bacon, tuna sandwich or that good old bowl of cereal. Accompanied with a glass of fresh juice. You’ve already gorged on it enough to make the word stale even staler. Routine breakfast options could be likened to watching dull soap operas- same storyline, nothing fancy.
Who doesn’t like a makeover? Even your neighbourhood nanny who’s utility is no more than babysitting needs some. So why not your taste buds? We present you some interesting breakfast ideas that will lighten up your day whilst keeping you stomach-full.

1. Baked Avocado and Egg


An egg a day keeps the need for protein away. The lame sentence notwithstanding, here’s an all new way of sprucing up some fun with the most basic breakfast list. If you have some egg with baked avocado, it makes the meal not only wholesome but also constitutes for less sugar and better metabolism. Plus, the uncanny combination of healthy fat and lean protein makes for judicious intake.

2. Red Velvel Acai Bowl


Wow! So here’s not just a meal whose name is fancy rather tastes fancy and delightfully rich as well. In Latin America, specifically Brazil, this is considered a super breakfast meal. Very princely. This meal, apart from being high in antioxidants, is loaded with healthy fats once again and is simply lusciously rich in taste with very limited sugar. Sumptuous yet not draining on heavy on the stomach. Just imagine deep berry’s taste with a hint of chocolate. Go, make yourself some.

3. Kiwi Chea Pudding


Ever considered some good old kiwi in a new, swashbuckling avatar? That’s like giving an old, veteran movie star a new image makeover. Reassuringly bright. Kiwi, thrust in coconut milk and some maple syrup. Sounds like a vitamin blast- C, E and you name it with a delectable taste.

4. Sweet Potato, Kale and Shrimp Skillet


One of the world’s most trusted, loved morning diets that are not only glutton- free but rich in carbs. Following a simple, readily available (online) recipe you can knock over some amazing taste in flat 15-minutes. Who wouldn’t like that? Unless you want to bore yourself to death cooking a sweet potato in a wrap with some mayonnaise.

5. Berry Quinoa Breakfast bowl


The most luscious and rich-tasting breakfast meal of them all. It’s like a triple movie fest on a Sunday. All you need to this one is to simply prepare the quinoa in advance and then, add berries, some salt, cinnamon and walnuts. Here’s a funny cheat code: most men world-over prepare this for their adoring wives! Wanna know why? It’s easiest to make.

6. Scrambled Eggs with Spinach and Feta


Truthfully speaking, you don’t need to be world’s elitist cook to make this really yummy, finger-licking breakfast meal. Spinach and Feta will grant you the goodness of irons and vitamins while egg will add taste. With just the right amount of salt, not overly done, you could have yourself one of the best breakfast meals ever.

7. Baked Peach Almond Oatmeal


Ever heard a saying, “good things come to those who wait”? Well, this one is like that. A world of rich goodness awaits you over 25 minutes of patient baking. Not too much, right? Seems a lifetime though, once you’ve had the taste of this ‘peach of a breakfast’ meal. Of course, the largest component of this meal is the oatmeal so prepare it obviously separate. Once that’s done, you need some easy charming mixing up.
And you have a special meal to kickstart a bright day.

Happy munching fellas!


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