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Life´s great and full of opportunities which haven’t happened before ever! But along the way we have already received, and day-by-day more, the price for it. So many people are stressed out nowadays. Inner peace ? Nah… Life & the world is fast and asks for a lot. People have to coordinate everything they want to do or think they have to do. And it doesn’t depend on the kind of work they do or position they have: housewife, COO, CEO, Painter, Saleswoman, or Manager… everybody can be affected.

inner peace

Cell phones, all the time the possibility to be online- checking emails all the time and text´s and god knows all the apps like Whatsapp, and so forth. These are great inventions and can be great helpers – there is no doubt about it. Also we can have whatever we want: ordering food at night, TV and every movie, asking the maid to do or get something for you, all kind of services- if really needed or not!

So what is wrong on that- you may ask……………. There is nothing wrong with it——– but don´t judge to early. As I agree on that: the problem aren’t the great inventions WIFI, cell phone, emails & all the available possible kind of services.

inner peace

Even not if we look to some outcomes because of our luxurious & limitless lifestyles: Stress, inner hectic, overweight/ anorexia, restlessness, health & sleeping problems, nutrition disorders, fight with the loved ones, colleges and bosses.


In order to get rid of that leads often in smoking, drinking alcohol, overeating, non-eating, consuming other drugs to stop the mind and thoughts which seems to be uncontrolled. So all outcomes are just logical consequences in case people didn´t choose carefully what they really wanted and needed. People simply misuse the free choices often. I guess you agree with me on that.

inner peace

And once people realize that they try to get out of that, of course. But the usual way- and I have seen that with so many clients on the beginning and so many times- is that they try to work and fight against the symptoms and results to get back their balance rather to look straight to the sources. Where all of that is really coming from.

Most of the people realized that it doesn´t work out in that way of using it- means in that way they used it so far. More conversely, since it leads to even more stress. The problem is that sorting out symptoms creates even more stress because of trying to control the subconscious mind. Since we can have it all, we desperately need to reach new limits.  And guess what: that should be done by ourselves!

inner peace

And I dare to say the problem is the indiscipline itself. So each person should create the own time frames and limits. But the task (let´s call it task instead of problem) lies of managing all that in a proper manner.

Good news, there is a way out of all that. It is a structured way. You should take a mini break and realize what is going on. Amongst others the contents are Questions like what are my real dreams, which problems I am facing, what wishes do I have and what do I just hate in my current life. It sounds easy and it isn´t that easy- because it will be out of your comfort zone.

But once you decided to change things in a proper way you are already on your track. Give yourself a proper space for it, enjoy every step and realize every change. Life become great and exiting again- so be aware of it 😉

Your QJ 

Happy regards

Jasmin Waldmann
MD & Life Coach at JWLCC



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Jasmin Waldmann

Mental Coach & Personal Trainer, international fitness expert, Inventor of Pilardio®, fitness model and workes with TV channels.Also working with TV channels, producing & acting in DVD`s, taking education trainings,... all that keeps her very happy and alive.


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