Good News! This Indian Railways’ Scheme Is Making Tickets Affordable

Trains versus Flights. Do you choose the latter due to reasonable fare and flexible timings? Well, Indian Railways are doing away with the flexi-fare rule, which is going to reduce the fixed charges. The flexi-fare scheme was announced in September 2016 that made the railways very unpopular. Let’s learn what’s going to change into what:

flexi fares

Credits: Indian Express

Which trains charged flexi-fares?

The flexi-fare scheme was initially introduced for 44 Rajdhanis, 46 Shatabdis and 52 Duronto expresses.

How do flexi-fares work?

In flexi-fare scheme, the price of the train ticket grows proportionately with the number of bookings. For trains like Shatabdi, Rajdhani and Duronto, fare increases by 10 per cent as every 10 per cent berths are sold.

The tariff cap for AC-III tier class was 140% and 150% for all classes, except AC First and Executive Chair Car.

Flexi Fares

Credits: Deccan Chronicle

How much would the travellers be benefitted?

Prices would certainly go down. But by how much? Let’s take an example. Consider the case of Delhi-Mumbai Rajdhani. The 3AC fare is Rs 2,040 (without flexi-fare). This includes a base of Rs 1,624. The fare goes up to Rs 2,700 under dynamic pricing based on demands. In this case, the Railways charges around Rs 650 under the flexi-fare scheme. If the flexi fare is done away with, you still will have to pay the normal fare, in this case Rs 2,040. However, you will save on paying extra under the flexi-fare rule.

What has been the issue with flexi-fares?

Air fares for the same route as that of the train ticket has been costing lesser. That translated into a large chunk of the mass travelling opted for flights over trains.


Various media organisations reported, in terms of absolute numbers, the premium trains carried 2.40 crore passengers during post-flexi period (September 9, 2016 to July 31, 2017) as compared to 2.47 crore passengers during pre-flexi period (September 9, 2015 to July 31, 2016), the CAG said while criticizing the scheme.



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