These Indian Entrepreneurs Show How To Go Green & Spin Money Off It!

Adding to my series of articles on environment, people who have gone that extra step to preserve it and missions pro environment conservation, my love and possessiveness for my air, my area and my Earth, is no secret. All the talk of protecting and saving the environment, isn’t overrated. Amidst our brouhaha lifestyles and yearn for luxuries, the ‘Swachh Bharat’ syndrome seems to be lost somewhere!…..Boring? Then this one is for you!

Have you for a moment paused to look see a tad bit around you? Just holding banners demanding clean air and the detrimental effects of pollution, isn’t a pre-requisite to eliminating it. There is an urgent need for samaritans to take concrete and permanent effect yielding actions. With global warming and an energy crunch, these Eco-friendly ventures, sustainable environment friendly businesses have begun capturing the world’s imagination…And if you need convincing that going green can spin money as well…….it’s here!

Empire Of The Sun


M/S emerges as a venture that offers eco friendly solutions that can be incorporated in your daily lives, A venture, started by Dehradun based, Romik Rai, Founder & CEO, M/S, with a little bit of sensibility and a lot of passion, went on to create a fortune off it. He found his calling in going green, to provide clean energy solutions…..and generate financial returns! In his words, “Climate change, the unprecedented level of CO2in the earth’s atmosphere and the adverse impact this is having on the poorest of the poor and our planet, is what inspired me to take a stand. We are heading towards a food crisis, water crisis, energy crisis and environmental armageddon. I just had to try to be a part of the solution to these emerging problems in disaster prone areas.”

They partner with leading clean energy technology providers to bring you renewable energy products such as :
-Solar PV Panels, Wind Solar Hybrids, Wind Energy Turbines, Solar Water Heaters and Solar Integrated Street Lights. Though even the so called ‘Made in India’ solar panels contain imported components, Romik says “A good number of government establishments have been the early adopters of solar energy. The concerned few individuals that are environmentally conscious, are very keen to go solar, but most find it to be an expensive proposition.”

eco friendly ventures

CEO & Founder, Romik Rai

On his waste management technologies, he says, “The government is also working tirelessly in the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ this year to make our cities garbage free. We are working on multiple projects this year that cover waste collection and treatment.We just introduced a new vehicle mounted litter picker called the JATAYU which is a fabulous invention by an IITian. We are also supplying hydraulic underground dustbins, waste compactors, Bio toilets, organic waste composters and plastic granulators to various municipal bodies across the state.” Not just that…..their Eco Shop, sells home, outdoor and on-the-go solutions that use some of the latest technological and practical innovations to save energy.


The No Petrol Wonder

Indian Eco-friendly ventures

Chetan Maini, chief of strategy and technology at Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Ltd, along with his electric-powered car Reva has already won awards at motorcar shows around the world. Now he is concentrating on the real thing—market share. “Reva is not just a good idea,” says Maini, “with the worldwide concern for global warming, it is a real alternative.” With crude oil given to price spikes of the kind seen last year in the international market, “It is also economic sense”.

eco friendly

Chief of Strategy, Chetan Maini

Reva is a genuine wonder. At 40 paise to the km, it is the world’s most cost-effective motor vehicle. What’s more, the firm has already got ten key patents. The only hitch is the life of its battery. The car’s range is 80 km, much too less for a metropolis with traffic jams as part of the motoring routine. What if you get stuck midway? Maini’s solution: “We are putting in 200 plug points in Delhi and an equal number in Bangalore.

Wind Beneath The Wings

Indian Eco-friendly ventures

This Pune-based company is the world’s fifth largest wind-turbine maker, with 14 per cent of the world market to itself. And to think that it all started in Gujarat out of a necessity that Tulsi Tanti, Suzlon’s founder, turned into a virtue—and later a fortune.

eco friendly ventures

Founder, Tulsi Tanti

Tanti wanted power for his textile business, fed up as he was with power cuts. Being an entrepreneur, he did not wait for the state to solve his problems. Instead, he set up a wind energy farm. Since then, Tanti has been setting up windmills at a furious pace. “We are now looking at growth,” he says, “Suzlon aims to be among the top three wind power companies in every market that it is present. We aim to go global in a big way, taking wind power to the world as Asia’s largest international wind-turbine maker. Suzlon currently has operations across 21 countries and five continents, and will reach over 40 countries in the next two to three years.” Its acquisition of REpower is part of its global game plan.

Green Holidays…

Indian Eco-friendly ventures

Jose Dominic, 50, managing director of CGH Green, was at it long before eco-tourism came into vogue. “We convinced the government not to open a hotel in Bagaram Island in Lakshadweep,” he recounts, “We set up a habitat instead, and put in place strict effluent parameters. We were convinced that there was a reasonable market out there for properties that conform to environmental standards.”

That first step in Lakshadweep, an archipelago in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Kerala, began his eco-friendly journey. His flagship destination, however, is a lake resort in Kerala called Marari Beach. It’s a resort alright—there’s the sun, the sand, and the breaking waves amidst the calm Kerala coastline. It’s an interesting experience for the first-timer.

Indian Eco-friendly ventures

Managing Director,Jose Dominic

As a welcome package, you are given a step-by-step rundown of your ‘carbon footprint’: how much you produce in waste, how much electricity you consume and so on, and how you can redeem yourself on a green holiday. “Habitat interaction, where the tourist is made aware of his carbon footprint, leads to a new kind of evolved tourist,” says Dominic, “Sure, there is an onus on the tourist, but visitors do their bit and quite enjoy it once briefed.”

Sugar’can(e)ning It

Indian Eco-friendly ventures

Chairman, Pramod Choudhary

A business of Rs 1,000 crore in annual revenues has arisen from machinery that converts sugarcane to fuel in Pune, Maharashtra. Tucked away in Pune, Praj Industries is projecting a huge switchover to ethanol-mixed fuels. With a turnover of Rs 108 crore and an order book of nearly Rs 950 crore, this company was once a supplier of equipment to India’s alcohol industry.

Chairman, Pramod Chaudhary, says, “With demand rising, it has resulted in involving blending fossil fuels with ethanol. This makes sugarcane, corn or jatropha a substitute for crude oil.” Praj supplies equipment to manufacture ethanol. Pramod says, ” Blending of these raw and organically grown foodstock with 5% ethanol (as is compulsory in India), gives us the benefit of being cost effective.” He is banking on the Green movement to banish fossil fuels and bring to the light of day, green fuel!


If this doesn’t inspire you….Believe you me…..Nothing will!


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