Cruise Vacations In India That Are No Less Than The Mediterranean Counterpart

Haven’t we all longed for that prolonged vacation where we can just put our feet up…sun basking on a poolside, on the deck of a Mediterranean or a Carribean cruise liner? Sounds kind of surreal, isn’t it? Believe you me, I have basked in that reverie many a times. But hold those horses….why go that far? Let me burst that bubble and make one closer to home….Operating from our own land, are cruises that will make you revel in the Indian glory. These phenomenal Cruises in India, are worth experiencing……at least once!

Varanasi Cruise

Indian cruises

Varanasi, the religious hub of India, is about to set on a luxurious journey….Alaknanda, Varanasi’s first luxury cruise liner is all set to reach its home by the end of this month. Regulated by a Banaras based startup, Nordic Cruiseline Alaknanda will be the first luxury cruiser in Varanasi. Alaknanda is a double-decker cruise ship which will be able to carry more than 100 passengers at any given time.

The liner will take tourists and devotees on a two hours trip during sunrises and sunsets when they can witness Ganga Aarti and leave a trail of Diyas.

The cruise can also be booked during the day for special bookings or events like Rudhrabhishek. The cruiser will cover 84 ghats of Varanasi. It will start from Assi Ghat and end at the same point after the trip covering 12 kilometres. On-board, vegetarian dishes like kachori, jalebi, samosas and batichokha will be available. The operators also plan to include cultural activities like classical music and dance depicting the rich heritage of the city.

Andaman Cruise

Indian cruises

One of the best ways to enjoy the magnificence of Andaman’s natural beauty is by taking a cruise around the islands of the region, and this Andaman tour package by ship perfectly fits the brief. With the help of this package, you will spend 7 days and 6 nights cruising all around Andaman, taking in the best of its land and sea adventures.
This Andaman cruise will take you over the best of the islands and allow you to experience places like Havelock island, Coral island, and the Cellular jail among others. Several magical nights will be spent on the ship, enjoying the soft rocking waves of the sea and the gentle breezes it brings. Several days of the cruise will be spent purely on the sea with no land in sight. The adventurous sea expedition on the seventh day will conclude with you taking the flight back to Chennai from Port Blair.
This spectacular cruise will start from Chennai through the magical Bay of Bengal. Sail through the ocean witnessing the beauty of your surroundings. Explore some of the famous places in Andaman like Havelock Islands, neil islands, Baratang island etc.One can also indulge in an array of activities like snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving etc.
The cruise offers myriad dinners on board the yacht or at one of the island stops. A glass of wine and a gaze at the starry sky and enjoy a lavish dinner right there at the cruise. With all the luxuries in the ship, you get the best of experience.

Kochi Cruise-Alappuzha Backwaters Houseboat Cruise

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Discover the backwaters of Alappuzha, known as the “Venice of the East”, through the eyes of a nature connoisseur. The scenery of the backwaters and villages of Alappuzha are going to be worth every penny spent on this one. The cruise offers offbeat experiences as cruising past paddy fields and coconut palm, and an overnight stay on a deluxe houseboat. 

Goa Cruise

Indian cruises

One of the best ways to enchant yourself with the beauty of this tropical paradise is to go on a cruise in Goa. The fun filled, hour long activity sailing down the river provides a magical experience for an adventure trip. There are a variety of river cruises in Goa-daytime, sunset and moonlight each allowing the thrill of sightseeing and cultural entertainment. Enjoy the mesmerising events of sunrises and sunsets sparkling the sky or go for an adventure in backwaters of Goa on a cruise. Maybe if you are lucky, you would be coming back with some unforgettable sights of dolphins too dancing in the waters.

Your are spoilt for choice from the array of cruises you can experience in India’s Vegas. Pick from Dinner Cruise, Casino Cruise, Houseboat Cruise or Backwaters cruise,….every one of them taking you on an adventure!

Goa offers both river and sea cruises and you may also like the idea of staying in a Houseboat for a unique adventure. Whether you opt for a sail for just 1 hour, or go on an overnight trip, the cruises are filled with fun and amusement as there are professional troupes indulging you in traditional dances of Goa. Engage yourself in a delectable dinner and pleasing views of the surroundings as you embark upon a cruise relishing a delightful excursion.

Brahmaputra cruise

Indian cruises

Brahmaputra, christened differently through Tibet, Arunachal pradesh and Bangladesh….But only when it passes through the lush Assam valley in the northeast corner of India that it becomes the Brahmaputra, or ‘Son of Brahma,’ in tribute to one of the greatest Hindu deities. So, a cruise down this religious river, is what experiences are called.

Cruise through a natural history paradise, with over 850 bird species, fresh water dolphins, and plentiful elephants, wild buffalo, tigers and the endangered single horned rhino in the national parks. Escorted shore excursions to tea estates and national parks, evening talks about some of the unique features and cultures of Assam, and cultural performances will truly showcase this pearl of India, all the while ensuring your comfort and enjoyment aboard the MV Mahabaahu. On board this luxury Cruise, you’ll be cruising the magnificent Brahmaputra River. From ancient temples to the Serengeti of India, a chance to experience the real Assam.

The fine dining on board offers you lavish local Assamese dishes, Indian and Continental cuisine prepared fresh by our chefs onboard. Fine wines, beers and spirits are available in the bar and with meals, as well as plentiful tea and coffee in our lounge.


Ganges Cruise

Indian cruises

Some cruise liners even take you via the Sundarbans, at the delta of the Ganges over the India–Bangladesh border. There couldn’t be a better place than the mangrove-forested World Heritage Area for a Bengal tiger safari. What’s more, these luxury cruises offer a local naturalist to travel with you. So ready your queries about all the wildlife you might spot along the way.

While you enjoy your time outside the boat taking in the sights and sounds of the countryside that the boat streams along, you’d be in for more when you arrive back from your daily sojourns. Luxury cruises come with accommodations that cater to the aesthetic sensibilities of their customers. Plush wardrooms to lounge in, rooms with modern fittings and floor-to-ceiling glass doors, a cosy sitting area, and a private bathroom with shower. The ultra-luxury suites even come with private butler service assigned to each, as well as spa services that can take care of the aches and pains from the walking around during the land excursions.

When you want to unwind, choose from the finest drinks and vintage wines, and relish the most flavoursome meals lined out exclusively for you.



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