A Bride’s Guide To Nail Her Wedding-Day Look!

Calling out all the brides to be, If you are confused about your outfit ( like most of us are ) then worry not. You’ve come to the right place. We will tell you exactly what you want to hear, from the latest bridal trends to some Saheli ki Advice. We got you covered girl! Here is all you need to know to Nail that Indian Bride look… From our Indian Bride guide.


Indian Bride guide

The first thing that comes to one’s mind when you hear about a wedding is a LEHENGA. Traditionally wedding Lehengas are red or maroon in colour. We’ve seen brides wearing pastel, neon and even white lehengas but my favourite will always be the Bright Jhatak red! That one never goes out of trend. Lehengas with traditional Indian motifs and prints are back in trend and We are loving it. So if you still haven’t bought yours yet then go for that!


Indian Bride guide

When it comes to jewellery, we have seen it all from chunky heavy jewellery to the super minimal jewellery. But the thing that is in trend at the moment is to go all in but do not mix an match. If you’re going for the royal look then stay true to it and do not divert with them.

A Bag

Indian Bride guide

One underrated part of a bridal attire is the Bag, You think you won’t be needing one until you actually do. So a tip to all the brides, Our Indian Bride guide says, always carry a clutch because you never know when you’ll be needing a touch-up. Our advice is to keep it a little simple but not too simple.


Indian Bride guide

We all that the weight of lehenga can weigh you down and hence wearing high heels can be really tiring. So opt for some flats or some block heels. One more footwear item that is in trend right now is Jootis! We all love jootis and especially when they can be so extra!


Indian Bride guide

When it comes to makeup, all of us have different opinions about it. Some like to be extra full coverage and on fleek and some want their skin to peek through and have a natural finish. Whichever you choose personally is up to you and your facial features and the look you’re going for.  However, If there is something that we can suggest you do, it is going to be Research. Choose your makeup artist wisely and make sure to get a demo first because we all know makeup can either make a look it just give it all away!


Indian Bride guide

The last and the most important thing is Mehendi, as your mummy says ‘Agar Mehendi rachi toh saas achi milegi’. Mehendi is something that everybody looks at and praises too! So what advice does our Indian Bride guide have for Mehendi? To be honest, I have none. Choose a design that speaks to you and do not care about the Price because come on, Its your wedding!


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