Ind vs Aus World T20 Review: won by Kohli, but thrills sponsored by OPPO F1 Selfie Expert

Cricket is best seen when witnessed amidst pure excitement and rush. Isn’t it? I’ve been wondering, shouldn’t that be the case always? So when the small box starts loathing your presence, what is it that you can do? Simple. Be where the action is! And, am glad I did just that on the eventful evening of March 27th, at the eve of belter of a match: India vs Australia, the virtual quarter-final played at the ever lovely Mohali. And, guess what, I didn’t see the match alone even as I traveled solo. The OPPO F1 Selfie Expert handset set the ball rolling from the very first delivery of a match of unparalleled excitement and frenzy.

Recording live action, for revisiting glory: the OPPO F1 Selfie Expert way #WorldT20SelfieExpert

Dhoni joins Virat on crase- OPPO branding

There is a uniqueness to the way technology bridges the gap between us and the joy we receive in simple pleasures of life. We want to capture an entire storm of emotions when they unfurl; thrills, lost chances, surprising outcomes, plenty of smiles and whatnot. To put it simply, the OPPO F1 Selfie Expert unfurled joys as never witnessed before for me.

Must it be said, the sleek, stylish and uber-cool OPPO Selfie Expert helped me record and now re-visit some joyous memories from a game that’s hard to neglect, let alone forget, in times to come.

The reverberating chants of “India – India”, ” Kohli – Kohli”, “Yuvi-Yuvi” and a turnstile of many an emotion were seen with the naked pleasure of the eyes and recorded and stored for time immemorial amidst a thrill fest using this sleekly designed and light weighing 13MP Rear beauty known as OPPO F1 Selfie Expert.

Jaddu- Yuvi contain Warner, Smith: clipping the Aussie wings as snapped by OPPO F1 Selfie Expert #WorldT20SelfieExpert

match underway

Chasing is our big strength and seldom to we make poor show of it.

But, Australia’s dominant 161 run ask of India decorated by a blazing start that rose to 55 without a loss off just 5 overs, thanks to Usman Khwaja’s big heaves and hoists over backward point and mid wicket fashioned a start that many would have thought would go beyond 200. There was a time when Finch(43 off34) and Khwaja( 26 of 16, 6 boundaries) would have fancied other thoughts.

Glad I am to confess, as must be millions sitting at home and worldwide supporting India that it wasn’t to be. Smith went back early just as Warner. Yuvraj and Ashwin, the latter who went for a little responsible for their cheeky dismissals. And, this was the moment which triggered collapse. The run flow stopped and in the last few overs, thanks to Bumrah and Pandya’s effective bowling only 30 runs came in the final 21 bowls of Australia’s innings once Maxwell (31 off 28) retreated back to the pavilion.

The Virat moment of watching an unparalleled game: courtesy #WorldT20SelfieExpert OPPO 

In the game set ablaze by two imposing and equally competitive T20 sides, it was the ‘Virat’ pleasure of seeing a scorcher of an innings and recording memories on the Premium Metal bodied, 8 MP Rear Oppo F1 Selfie Expert that provided gratification of the T20 thriller.

oppo selfie expert pictures

Stakes are usually high in T20 isn’t it? Dominant, utterly competitive and driven to outfox their rivals, both India and Australia had moments where they had ‘their hearts in the mouth’. Daring strategies, deliberately confusing slower ones, good length bowls delivered to fox batsmen of the class of Raina, Watson, Rohit, Finch, Yuvraj and Khwaja, the match had pretty much the makings of an Oscar level performance.

But, who was to ever threaten the unstoppable Mr. Kohli?


OPPO F1 Selfie Expert amidst the joy-tide of Virat Kohli

Amidst nervy times and the euphoria of seeing India lose both openers cheaply, Rohit at 12 at Shikhar at 13, in- walked the ace of batting- Virat Kohli, ultimately starring with a blitzkrieg of 81 off just 52. First, holding guard with Yuvi, who scored a six and converted strike at crucial moments of the game, despite a ligament stretch, Kohli, the master executioner, stitched together the mesmerizing tale of India’s fight-back with captain cool, MS Dhoni.

oppo pictures

At 49 with 3 wickets down in almost 8 overs, the lights in spectators’ hearts were dimming with Raina walking back. And, then walked in the messiah of India’s finishing story- Captain MS Dhoni- and the OPPO F1 Selfie Expert rose again into the thick of things with India trying desperately to fight back at 94 for 4 in 14 overs.

Clean hits, belting blows to mid wicket, the facet of dancing down the track and clearing long on, there I stood with my constant companion in the great game- the OPPO F1 Selfie Expert , thrilled in the madness of India’s gritty run chase.

The big shots came in as early as the 15th over. Faulkner was almost put to the sword as was the hapless Coulter-Nile, by Virat, the sleek 8 MP Rear Premium Metal body of OPPO handset recording the blazing fireworks by the Delhi dasher.oppo cricket images

By the time, the 20th over came calling, Virat had made lightwork of the Aussie’s. Captain Dhoni, charmingly poised to face the final over with just 4 needed attacked a clueless Faulkner.

As the ball went scorching past the boundary, the crowds arose in a final moment of reverberation. And my dear pal for the evening- the cool OPPO F1 Selfie Expert thumped with joy.

But no mention of Ind vs Aus can ever be rendered complete without gracing the special contribution of the multi- talented Shane Watson, the best all-rounder in business sine Jack H.Kallis

Selfless and suave: OPPO F1 Selfie Expert analyzes Shane Watson the real all rounder

There were moments where both the Aussies, led by Steven Smith who for once failed with the bat and the man of the moment, the ever-courageous Dhoni (starring in Bangladesh win) would have thought of a 50-50 chance of winning.

But, this is T20.

The stakes of a sudden collapse are as high as the chances of outpouring of a sterling all-round show. And, despite Shane Watson, who played his last T 20 game as also his final limited over match (having announced his retirement) and, starred single handedly with 2 for 23, taking a diving catch to dismiss Yuvi and scoring an important unbeaten 18, thus adding to Aussie’s tally of 160, the match slipped away from the grasp of the Kangaroos. So while hearts were beating as India, in its chase of 161, by no stretch of imagination an easy score to chase down, struggled and at times, looked dissuaded by “Watto’s” supreme show, recording the picture perfect moments courtesy the OPPO F1 Selfie Expert amidst intensity was a feeling second to none.

oppo f1 officialAkin to the smart work of this light, hazy styled, gem  of a phone, the OPPO F1 Selfie Expert, Jadeja, Yuvi curtailed the Aussie onslaught during Australia’s mid innings, capturing hearts like that perfect snapshot of a selfie and, recording economical bowling spells just like recording a jewel of a show.

The game’s not over yet: here’s more from OPPO

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