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Central Hyderabad (Punjagutta | Somajiguda | Banjara Hills | Jubilee Hills)
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The Ultimate shopping festival is back! With so much lined up at Rainbow Shopping Festival, it guarantees that everyone's going to take back home an experience that they will remember for a long long time. Over a month long extravaganza, the Rainbow Shopping Festival in Hyderabad is a diverse bouquet of activities and festivities. It gives the Charminar city a whole new set of cheerful and vibrant vibes. Food, music, shopping and much more, only at Rainbow this May!

Minar Garden, Nayapul, Beside Salarjung Museum , Hyderabad



A Shopping Extravaganza

Furniture, crockery, clothes, electronics, need we say more? The shopoholics can swear by this festival. It will cater to the needs of one and all , from the youngest of the family to the eldest . There's something for everyone. There's a reason why we say this is the city's largest shopping festival. Happening this May, you're all invited!

Food and Fashion

Rainbow Festival inculcate the perfect blend of fashion and food, both of which sure are your favourite things. The all night long festival offers the people a chance to shop while gorging on their favourite delicacies. The festival not only takes care of your shopping spirit but also of your hunger with some lip-smacking food items available at the venue.Come on over this May, because at Rainbow, there's something for everyone!

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Minar Garden, Nayapul, Beside Salarjung Museum , Hyderabad


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For kids and more

A festival that truly brings the entire family together. An entire section dedicated to kids that will keep them busy while you shop and eat. Also there are fun rides and activies for the kids to engage themselves in. This shopping festival looks after everyone's happiness. So be there with your family!

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