Karimnagar Welcomes Its First Traffic Monitoring Mannequin

Shortage of traffic police personnel at unmanned junctions, has led Hyderabad Police to launch, which may be one of the most effective regulatory acts, Traffic Mannequins! After Bengaluru introduced 200 mannequins in the city to monitor traffic, Hyderabad bought its first Mannequin cop.

The Mannequin idea is taken from Bangalore, now 16 places have been deployed with this service in the city, six at junctions near district headquarter bus stand area and other places.

Traffic Mannequin In Bengaluru

Donning the outfit of traffic policemen, along with reflector jackets, boots and sunglasses, the life-size mannequins look every bit like traffic cops. Small cameras have also been fixed on them, which are linked to the command control room!

The mannequins have two cameras fixed in the eyes to record traffic violations of motorists and send details to the command control room. Based on the images captured by mannequins, police impose fines on the violators of traffic rules! Smart much?

The mannequins were installed only in the town, but based on feedback they would be deployed in other parts as well.

Fun Fact; These mannequins have hidden camera in them, so no more speeding and “Non-Helmet Drives”

By Ishan Sharma


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