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Book Stores in Hyderabad To Head To Get Your Enviable Book Collection

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March 5, 2020

To find the books you want to buy at a book store could be a challenge sometimes. Most of the times, you get to hear the same old “Its out of stock” which is frustrating when you desire to read it here and now. To solve the problem, we have come up with the stores that will make you feel like you are in the Disneyland of all the things you want.


book stores Here you can find a well stocked crosswords, with books in every topic displayed blatantly, for readers for any age. The little seaters around also provide you with the opportunity of browsing through your favourite book. A little section is dedicated to stationary that actually looks pretty and DVDs and CDs if you are not much of a reader. Where: 2nd Floor, City Center Mall, Road Number 1, Banjara Hills Call: 04040110320


landmark hyderabad

You can find all the books by the new up coming Indian writers too. It is also a treasure land of old books. Perhaps this generation needs to know that this book store is actually the answer to all your book quires. There are books spilling out of shelves, stacked on the counters and heaped on the floor, leaving a narrow aisle with space barely enough for one person to totter. The delicious smell of potentially brilliant printed matter is everywhere. So many books you haven't read. SO many books you have to read.

Where: 1st Floor, GVK One Mall, Rd Number 1, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

Call: 04067462600

Universal Book Showroombook stores

It holds almost all the books that one would need in your student life. From books of Management, Psychology, Engineering; this place seem to have it all. Also it holds some old used books and gives a great discount if you go there on a sunny Sunday. Roaming on the streets of Koti, it is impossible to miss it. It is open all days of the week too, which is a blessing for those who remember to buy the relevant textbook the night before a do-or-die exam. And that includes you.

Its haphazard arrangement of books and the well rehearsed employees who could locate a book even from the unknown stack of books, feels something like a place you could just explore. Best part of the store is that they will find the book you want no matter what.

Where: Koti Women's College Rd, Hashmath Gunj, Gandhi Nagar, Badi Chowdi, Kachiguda, Hyderabad

Call: 9866861143


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When its Walden, you have an enormous trendy store of books, stationary, Greeting cards and toys. Its been here forever and with its prominent reputation, it only seems to get better. The sections are neatly divided for the book enthusiasts and there is also a segment for arts and crafts. So the variety is more.

Where: Plot no-21, Gachibowli Rd, Sri Shyam Nagar, Telecom Nagar, Gachibowli, Hyderabad

Call: 08121991414

Himalaya Book store

book stores

The store’s location is very prominent and perhaps one of the most feel-good bookstores in the city. The gift articles are interesting, and include some unique items like a portable chess-board, crystal, very sleek clocks, and grab-me-right-now pen pouches. Board-games and notebooks are also aplenty, with the latter available in various sizes, colors, pages and every other insane specification. All of the stationery is on the ground floor, so only the book browsers crowd the first floor.

Climb one flight of steep, narrow stairs, followed most likely by a suspicious member of the staff, and you reach a cute little dome stacked with bestsellers and facing a comfy sofa. Himalaya doesn't disappoint with its selection of books, although it needs to stack up on titles and authors off the beaten track. The range here, however, covers a cross-section of interests; health, psychology, fiction, management, comics, cookery and even a rack dedicated to business letter writing!

Where: Bhagya Nagar Society Colony, Nampally, Hyderabad